Writing Music Essays: How Does it Sound?

How to write an outstanding music essay

Music is life. Music is an artistic combination of sounds which can transmit us feelings and thoughts. Ever since the man was man, we have been making music. No wonder we have a lot to say about it. However, if you were requested to write a music essay, you may feel like you don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry! Music essays can be fun and simple. Listen to your favourite musicians and bands as you try to find an inspiration, and then, let’s begin to write.

Finding the topic

Music essays can be written from a wide variety of topics: from different musical periods (music in the Renaissance, or Classical music), to different composers (Beethoven’s music, Chopin’s music, U2’s lyrics, etc.). From particular albums or songs (The first #1 hit song from The Beatles) to special events (My experience with Oasis in Concert). From music and life (How music helps children relax and be better students) to life in music (The tragic life of Kurt Cobain). The important thing is finding a topic you can enjoy writing about. After all, researching for an essay about music should be as fun as listening to your favorite artists play.

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Organize your work properly

As in any other written assignment, a proper organization is a must. Prepare an essay plan before you actually start to write the final version (keep in mind writing a proper introduction and closing the paper with a conclusion), prepare an index with the title and the subtitles you divided the essay into. Another good idea is quoting from books, newspapers and magazine articles, of course always mentioning the source (otherwise it would be considered plagiarism).

Add some sound to the essay

Given the chance, a good idea for handing in an essay related to music, is to add a CD (with all the songs that you mentioned in the written paper). Give the examiner the CD together with the printed version of the paper. Ok, maybe the teacher won’t even listen to it, and even the best CD won’t make up for a poorly written essay. But if your work was good, this kind of details can turn a VG into an outstanding. So it is always something to consider.
If you don’t hand in the essay but you send it by e-mail instead, you can also send some MP3 files.

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