Problems in Downloading Essays for Free

An essay for free may cost you a lot

Twenty years ago, it was way more difficult getting sample essays or essays for free. Students had to ask people who had taken the course before or go to the library in search for samples. Today, getting an essay on any subject is as easy as using a computer. With any search engine you can find thousands of free essays just hanging there on the Internet, waiting for you to download them. Sounds quite simple, right? Wrong!
Of course you can always download and present as your own a free essay sample you found on any available website. But just as easy, you could get caught. There are other choices. Think about them before you make a terrible mistake.

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Easy come, easy go…

Some years ago, Internet was a forbidden territory for the elderly, and only youngsters used to feel comfortable searching the web. A school teacher in his fifties may not have been used to checking sites to find out whether the papers he was given to mark were originals or copies. Those were the days… Today, any person, no matter how old are they, is going straight to the computer to see if the student actually wrote the paper or if he instead handed in an essay for free he downloaded anywhere.
It may be easy for you to get a free sample essay, but it is as easy for the teacher to find out what you did, and fail you or –worse- get you expelled.

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How to spot a cheater

Has the student only get C minus grades? How come he suddenly gets an A? He must have been cheating. This may sound unfair, but it is exactly what your teacher may think if you hand in one perfect essay for free you found there. Even if you managed to change some words or sentences to avoid being detected by software. All teachers are expecting to find a little mistake in the essay, it could be some lack of quotations, or a poor line of thought, or even a word misspelled. A 100% perfect essay may arise serious doubts.

Custom made essays vs. free essays

Custom made essays warrantee a unique style. They are papers written specifically for each customer. They are not re-used, they are never published online. It is impossible to spot them or to prove the relationship of the student and the company which sells them. You can even ask for the essay not to be perfect, but only enough to get you through the course. Ok, they may cost you a little money, but it would be just as if you have written them yourself.

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Essays for free, on the contrary, tend to repeat year after year the same old topics, are easily discovered by common software and can get the students into big trouble. So, next time you have to hand in an essay, what would you rather choose?

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