English Essay: An Importance to Written English Format

How to write an English essay

English has become a fast growing language around the world and hence it has become mandatory for every student has to learn the language and write English essay as English is the medium in most of the schools. If there is one good thing that the British did while they were invading countries it is just the fact that they left their impressions in those countries. One of the major impressions is their language.

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There is a huge difference between spoken and written English. While the spoken English has lesser rules, the written format has many especially for essay writing. The writer should concentrate on his grammar, the words that he uses, etc. for example, “you’re” is not accepted in the written English, it should be written as “you are”. Some of the basic rules that have to be followed while writing an English essay are given below:

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  • • Avoid usage of too many words:
  • An essay is always a formal way of writing. Too many word usages will discourage the readers to read further. For example, Instead of writing “it was a very very scary”, you can write it as “it was terrifying”.

  • • Avoid using superfluous words and sentences:
  • Superfluous words and sentences are those that have the same meaning but are repeated often with other words that has the same meaning. For example, “the will and the testament gave him away”, here will and testament means the same.

  • • Check the grammar usage:
  • Decide in which tense you are going to write. Make sure that you stick to the sentence that you decided in the starting. There are common errors that many people tend to make, like too many usages of words like the, you, been, etc. avoid using first person and second person singular like me, you, etc. make the essay formal as much as possible even the essay titles in the English essay.

  • • The word count factor:
  • Word count is very important while writing an essay. If the word count has been provided to you, then make sure you write within the word count. The words can be more or less than 50 words of the total word count but it should not be below or above that. In case the word count is not given, then for short essays the words can be to a maximum of 500 words and for long essays the word can be to a maximum of 5000 words.

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    It is not just enough to concentrate on the body of the essay. One should have an essay plan also. It is an important key for the essay structure. An essay can be in any form like in the form of coursework, narrative essay topics, dissertations, etc. Another main point to remember is how you are going to present an English essay. Whatever formats the essay is, present them in such a way so that there is a flow to your writing. The general format is introduction- thesis- body- conclusion. The introduction and essay conclusion should contain the most important points of the essay.

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      Do you think translation method is good for writing in English as a foreign language? This is true when it comes to test of written English.

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      Dear Lee,
      Translating other languages to English is a very complex process especially when you have limited vocabulary. Normally, there are specific phrases which are intended to be used together and changing one word might change the whole interpretation and meaning of the whole essay or sentence.
      Spoken English is not that easy as well as written one, you can always use the on-line dictionary and make the necessary corrections antime.
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      There are already many schools who put great importance into this kind of skill due to its usefulness that they can be able to communicate to those people who live in other country that also know how to use this kind of language. It’s also an advantage in your work if you can do it.

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