How To Write Essay Introduction — Some Tips

Some Advice on Introduction Writing

An introduction is the first impression people get of your essay. As first impressions go, pleasant is nice but interesting is better. Many readers out there try to pick up a material, begin to read and then put it back down. If doesn’t start out interesting, the truth is nobody would bother to read on.

But aside from having a creative introduction that grabs people’s attention, introductions must more importantly introduce essay topics . As the writer, you must clarify what you are trying to prove from the very beginning.Here are some tips on how to write essay introduction. As mentioned earlier, get the reader’s attention. You may do this by:

*Sharing an interesting or funny anecdote. It doesn’t even have to be funny. It may be subtly dramatic. There are many news stories that start with the life of one person and later move on to the greater picture. A good illustration of the issue you want to discuss may capture your reader’s attention. Of course, it must be relevant to the subject matter. If the connection is very weak, you may only end up confusing your reader.

*Mentioning a surprising piece of trivia or an unexpected finding of your project is another way. Why is your paper relevant? What is the most distinctive thing about it? Starting with it will give others a good reason to read on. An article once started with the fact that computer games are actually educational and consequently good for kids. That is surprising and interesting enough to begin reading.

*Many writers like to start with a good quote that sums up the points they discuss. Of course when you choose to do this, the quote has to be rather clever. It goes without saying that it must have a real connection to the topic at hand. You may check out an essay sample on line to get some more ideas on how to write essay introduction.

The next thing to do is prepare the reader for what is to come. You may shorten your ideas into general points and write a summary of your article. Try to provide the backdrop for your study or discussion.

Perhaps, the most important thing is to state the thesis statement in specific terms. Most professors require their students to do this. The thesis statement is the one sentence that brings together all the ideas in your essay. A good essay must have a specific thesis statement.

Finally, it is important to create some kind of transition to the next topic. Learning how to write essay introduction doesn’t guarantee a good grade already. You still have the body and conclusion to do. In between your paragraphs, you should prepare your reader for your shifts in topics and ideas. In fact, each of your paragraphs should have a little introduction of its own. Try to end well too and look into how to write conclusion . You must end your work as interestingly as you began.

Knowing how to write essay introduction is only the beginning.

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