Your Music Coursework in Five Steps

Music coursework is easy and fun to do!

Music coursework
You need to prepare music coursework this time. How does it sound? Are you fond on music or you can’t tell the difference between a flute and a pig’s sneezing? Anyway, we are ready to help you! It is easy to prepare a quality music coursework just by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Get inspired

It is hard to believe you actually hate music. You may dislike classical music, or feel you don’t get some of the contemporary lyrics, but most students have some sort of musical preferences. After all, music is life. Music is an artistic combination of sounds, which can transmit us feelings and thoughts. Ever since the man was man, we have been making music.
So, if you were requested to write a music coursework, and you feel like you don’t know where to begin, the first thing you must do is listen to your favourite musicians and bands as you try to find an inspiration, and just then, begin to write. The same applies if you need to work on music essays.

Step 2: Choose a topic

You can’t just write about “music”, since it is such a broad topic you’ll never say enough! So focus on a narrow topic instead. That way, you can make a deeper analysis. Do you need ideas? Your music coursework can be written from a wide variety of topics: different musical periods (music in the Middle Ages, or Baroque music), composers (Mozart’s music, Vivaldi’s music, Oasis’s lyrics, etc.). From particular albums or songs (The first #1 hit song from The Rolling Stones) to special events (Your experience with Lady GaGa in Concert). From music and life (How music helps students concentrate and expand their creativity) to life in music (The tragic death of John Lennon).

Step 3: Research

After you have found a topic you can enjoy writing about, start your research. Don’t just reference books! You can look up for articles on magazines, videos on the Internet, lyrics, etc. After all, researching for coursework about music should be as fun as listening to your favorite artists play.

Step 4: Organization

You must always organize your work properly. Before beginning to write, you should prepare a plan (keep in mind writing a proper introduction and closing the coursework with a conclusion), prepare an index with the title and the subtitles you divided the assignment into. Another good idea is quoting from books, newspapers and magazine articles, of course always mentioning the source.

Step 5: Extra credit

Given the chance, a good idea for handing in your music coursework, is to add a CD (with all the songs that you mentioned in the written paper). Give the examiner the CD together with the printed version of the paper. Ok, maybe the teacher won’t listen to it, and even the best CD won’t make up for a poor assignment writing. However, if your work was good, this kind of details can improve your coursework or essay marking. So it is always something to consider.

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