How We Work

Through more than a decade of experience in providing academic papers: essays (admission essays, scholarship essays, bursary essays), coursework, dissertation writing and proofreading and editing services, has developed a systematic approach to academic writing. This approach addresses the factors involved in an outsourcing environment and is characterized by optimized workflow wherein clients, writers and support team work seamlessly together in order to produce impeccable projects that meet the discriminating standards of top-tier British academic institutions. workflow follows:
  1. The analysis of a writing project’s requirements. This stage involves two areas: First, the client’s input wherein details and specifications are outlined. In our system, a client is provided access to a control panel through which he or she could provide instructions and criteria for his or her project. Secondly, the writer working on the paper will analyze the information provided and, provided everything is clear, work commences. Often, the writer engages the client in a short dialogue through the message board for clarifications, confirmations and other concerns.
  2. Writing the Paper. At the heart of this stage is the writer assignment. At, a writer is only assigned on a project that fits his or her specialization and experience. This way, errors and inconsistencies are minimized. Then, while each writer for an essay, coursework, term paper, dissertation, editing or proofreading project has his or her own writing strategy, we enforce a standard guideline for optimized and streamlined writing approach. This is characterized by strategies that aim to provide credible and unique papers, reducing deliverable time and quantified results, especially for essays and writing assignments that are required to meet a particular British academic standard. An important aspect in this area is that we are always updated with the prevailing grading standards and academic requirements of British universities.
  3. Collaboration. Through the Control Panel and the Message Board, a client can choose to simply monitor or be in full control of his or her project. Both the writer and the customer support staff are accessible through this feature. A client can communicate with any of them at any stage of the writing process.
  4. Sources. Although referencing requirements vary per project, our writers are trained to use academic sources instead of relying on online content. We make sure that our writers have access to libraries and online databases.
  5. Plagiarism Check. Once a paper is completed it is automatically subjected to a plagiarism check in order to spot any problems that could compromise the paper in any way.
  6. Delivery and Revisions. A client can download his or her essay, coursework, term paper, dissertation, editing or proofreading project by the deadline if not earlier. Once the paper is reviewed, you can request revisions if problems are found. This request may be made up to 14 days after completion of the first draft.
  7. Feedback. has an existing rating system and feedback forms so clients can rate or comment on a writer’s performance on the essay, coursework, term paper, dissertation, editing or proofreading project delivered. This way our writers are rewarded for doing excellent work and penalized for producing unsatisfactory results.