What Makes A Good Global Warming Essay

In writing a student essay on global warming, limit the scope of this broad environmental issue!

Indeed, global warming has been one of the hottest essay topics since reports of melting icecaps and disappearing flora and fauna. Part of what makes this topic particularly significant is its universality. Protection of the environment is in every way a global concern and every nation –developing and developed– is in the process of formulating policies to address it.

global warming essay

By definition, global warming is the continuing increase of the global average temperature of the Earth caused by the heavy emissions of green house gases (GHG) such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and many others. Deforestation, industrialization and each individual’s own neglect are generally seen as the primary causes of the problem. So related to the topic of global warming are issues on energy generation and the use of coal; developments in the field of renewable energy; so called green jobs; and finally massive investments in forest conservation.

Because though of its wide scope, any student tasked to write a global warming essay must first find an aspect in which to focus his or her essay. The last thing a student wants is to give a professor a very broad view of the problem because this might mean he or she won’t have the opportunity to discuss the issues and policies in detail.

A student may limit a global warming essay by choosing a specific context. For example, one may write about:

a) the progress of the United States government in terms of reducing GHG emissions;
b) the effectiveness of President Obama’s policies aimed at addressing global warming;
c) the use of coal for energy generation in China;
d) or the effect of global warming on developing countries with agriculture based economies.

It may even be as simple as a discussion on how people can contribute to addressing this environmental problem through energy conservation and conscientious personal habits. Try to check out other good dissertation examples to get an idea. The important thing though is for a global warming essay to have a specific focus. Also all the points discussed must be properly substantiated through research and analysis.

So to start writing your global warming essay, Fastessays.co.uk suggests that:

a) First, you read up as much as you can on the topic and related issues.
b) After that, formulate a specific thesis statement – one sentence which will serve as your guide in limiting the scope of your essay.
c)Breakdown all that you intend to prove in three or four sub-statements and work on buttressing them with facts and adequate analysis.
d) Don’t forget of course that dissertation titles must accurately reflect the point of focus. Your title must also rouse the curiosity of your readers.
e) Finally, you must be clear about what kind of essay you are writing. There are many kinds of essays, some of which are strictly informative. Some include the author’s personal view. Study the difference between an informative essay and reflective essay before you begin.

Use our reflective essay examples to write your academic essay.

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