Some Ideas for Writing Film Essays

Pretend to be a journalist in your film essay

There are many different essays a student may be required to write. If today you are working on a film essay, consider yourself lucky: this kind of essay is quite simple, doesn’t require to read a lot of books and can even be fun to prepare. Writing about a film is in some ways similar as writing a literary essay about a book. The difference is that it takes a couple of hours to see the film… and sometimes a couple of months to read the book!
Are you in search for ideas? Read in your local newspaper the latest film reviews. Journalists write film essays for a living –even if shorter and simpler than the one you need to write-. Pretend to be a journalist for a while. Forget that the teacher asked for this essay. Write it as if you were working for a school publishing or an important journal. You may even end up having some fun while working!

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Watch the film (more than once)

Before you actually start writing all film essays, you must watch the film. This may sound obvious, but some students pretend to skip this simple task. If you don’t watch the film and try to write an essay based on reviews and reading the back cover of a DVD box, you will end up repeating what others said before. Bad idea if you want a good essay mark.
In fact, the smartest thing to do would be to watch the film at least twice. First, take some notes on your general impressions. Then, decide what do you want to write about (the main topic of the essay, as a particular character, the script or the use of special effects) and watch the film one more time paying special attention to these details. Get here professional assistance in writing sociology coursework

Include film facts and trivia

Some necessary technical details that all film essays should include are the year the film was made, the director, the main actor or actress and a short review of their career, the script writer, etc. You may also want to include some technical details or interesting facts about this production: whether it won any important award, what did the critics say about it, what was the audience reaction, etc. Also mention if the film is an adaptation of a book or if it is a remake of a previous film. This is a great idea for filling some gaps and reaching the appropriate essay word count.

Compare and contrast

A good organization of your film essay may include some compare and contrast. It may be between this film and others from the same director or writer, between the film and the book it was based on or between your opinion on the film and the critics’ and audience’s. Remember to justify your subjective opinions: you can’t just say the film is pure garbage, or that it is a classic. You have to explain why you think so. As biology coursework written by our specialists will get you recognition

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