Some Ideas for Planning an Essay

Planning essays is not as hard as it seems

When you are asked to write an essay –no matter if it is a 500, 1000 or 5000 words long-, the best you can do is to always start with a plan. Planning an essay makes things much easier. It gives you the chance to organize your time so you can meet your deadlines accordingly. It helps you distribute the information in a clear way. And it provides you with a true sense of safety, since you are already half way done even before writing the first paragraph of the paper. What are you waiting for preparing your first essay plan?

The first thing you need

Before actually planning an essay, you need to establish the topic (what are you going to write about). If you have the chance to talk to your teacher before sitting in front of your laptop and starting to write, do it! Teachers can provide some topics ideas if you are scared to death while facing the blank page. If the teacher or the examiner won’t give you any ideas, you may read the course program or some of the recommended bibliography in order to find a topic you may want to write about. Get a gcse science coursework here to make sure you get good grades

Step by step

After many years of planning essays on different subjects and topics, every student knows that some structures do not change. For example, you should always start your essay (and your plan) with an introduction, in where you delimit your field, establish your hypothesis and write about your research methodology. Once you have your introduction ready, you may start the plan by writing subtitles of the different arguments you plan to write about. What you write depends on the kind of essay you want to prepare: if it is a compare and contrast essay, for example, you have to describe both terms of the comparison before actually comparing them. Or, if it is a narrative essay, you may divide it into the chronological sequence of themes.
Another thing you may plan is the bibliography. Search through every article and find appropriate quotations you may want to include in your essay. Remember to always quote the author, if not you may be accused of plagiarism.

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Fill in the blanks

Once you have the essay already planned, it is time to start writing it. Consider how many words you are supposed to write and fill in the subtitles, completing them with information. You will realize that you write faster if you have already planned some of what you are going to write that if you have to think it along the way…
Another important thing to keep always in mind is that any good essay should close with a conclusion, so save some words for it. You don’t want to extend yourself too much.
Once you get used to it, you will find out that planning an essay is the best way to start working on it and keeping you work organized.

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