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An Effective Essay Conclusion Gives An Introduction To Your Fame!

Why does someone write something? What is the purpose behind it? The main reason is to communicate something to the readers. The way each person presents that ‘something’ varies with one another. Some may be good at conveying something through a poem or a story or an essay and so on. This essay deals mainly with how an essay conclusion must be written.

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An essay is a short piece of writing. It is often written in the author’s perspective. The basic essay writing format includes an introduction, body of the essay and a conclusion. There are many tips and guidelines on how to write an essay introduction. The purpose of an introduction is to convey to the readers what the essay is mainly about. The body of the essay is very important as the very life of the essay lies here. The main points are outlined in the body of the essay. It is where the readers get to know something new. It should contain at least three new solid points. They should not be vague. The writer should provide vivid details and give examples and necessary explanations to support his stand on the issue.

The last part of the essay is the conclusion. The main purpose of an essay conclusion is to restate the main argument. Through an effective conclusion, the writer reminds his readers of the strengths of his stands on the issues. The conclusion should be able to tie up all loose ends. The writer may follow his own style of writing, however, following an essay writing tip would do no harm. The main types of conclusions are outlined below.

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Question. – Here, the writer involves the readers’ participation. The writer puts a question to the readers and makes them think about the issue. The questions may sometimes be rhetoric, too. (E.g. how can one blame him? – There is no answer to this question. It only means that no one can blame him)

Strong statement. – The essay may be closed with a strong statement which strongly conveys which reinforces the writer’s point.

Summary. – The writer may repeat his points in a nutshell and close the essay with a summery of the main ideas.

Personal Comment. – The writer closes the essay with a comment of his own. It is not similar to personal opinion. It is more like what the writer has learnt from something and thus reached a personal conclusion.

Prediction. – The write may use a statement that will forecast the future.

Mystery. – The writer ends the essay with a statement showing that some things will never be resolved. It is left to the readers’ discretion.

Beginning of a new story. – The essayist may close the essay with a sentence that marks the beginning of a new tale. This is possible is narrative essay writing.

Quotations from a famous personality. –  When the writer wants to convey a message, he may do so by making use of a quotation from a famous personality and thus establish the significance of his essay.

Open conclusions. – Here, the writer gives a statement at the end of the essay that will enable the readers to draw their own conclusions. It is to be noted that sufficient details must be provided in the body of the essay so that all the readers will be able to derive at the same conclusion easily.

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Thus these are the various types of conclusions. An effective essay conclusion will leave your readers pondering your points for sometime. The ultimate purpose of developing good essay writing skills and writing an essay is to make someone think- and I hope you are ‘thinking;’ right now!

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