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At, labels do not complicate matters. In the UK thesis is what an undergraduate prepares in his or her senior year at the university and dissertation is a paper that a student, who takes the Master’s degree should write to get a degree. And vice versa, in other countries such as the USA, Undergraduate and Master students do thesis writing while those who pursue PhD or doctorate degrees should write dissertations. No matter what the case may be, our expertise in this area of dissertation and thesis writing has been proven by years of experience and thousands of happy customers.

You may be interested how writers compose a dissertation project. The workflow is simple enough.

  • The UK standard for a dissertation is usually about 10,000 words. This doubles when we talk about dissertations undertaken at the masters level. MPhil dissertations must be at least 60,000 words in length while a PhD thesis can reach up to 100,000 word-count.
  • Generally, a dissertation or a thesis work can also be considered an in-depth research report and in line with this, it follows a pre-approved research proposal which usually consists of several parts: Abstract, Acknowledgments, Introduction, Literature Review, Aims of the Study, Methodology, Analysis, Findings, Discussion of research findings, Conclusions and if required, the applications and limitations.
  • A dissertation is commonly without an index, but it must always be referenced and Appendices must be attached at the back should there be any.
  • At, the actual dissertation and thesis writing process begins with the planning of the research project or the approved research proposal is used as a guideline for writing the whole project. In any case though, the client will provide regular input and direction as the rest of the thesis or dissertation takes shape.
  • has a long list of writers specializing in different fields. This diversity allows us to appropriately allocate the talent that could deliver the best possible thesis or dissertation for you. We recognize that there is no single formula that could guarantee an excellent piece of work, but we try as much as we can to develop strategies and methodologies that enable us to produce an excellent output in a reasonable span of time and for a reasonable amount of money.

Part of the systematic process of dissertation writing at is the emphasis on customer relations. We make sure that all people involved in the dissertation writing process can seamlessly collaborate and work together when needed. Our dedicated customer support team facilitates communication, collaboration and control of a project. That is why, a workflow is streamlined while the instances of mistakes and misunderstanding are radically minimized. If you have decided to use our service for your dissertation or thesis writing requirements, you may now proceed to our Order page.

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