Your Music Essay in Five Steps

Tips for writing amazing music essays

Music essay
How should you begin writing a music essay? It is harder than it sounds, right? We define music as an artistic combination of sounds that can transmit feelings and thoughts. There are many kinds of music, and you sure have your favourite artists and songs. As any other student, you probably enjoy listening to music, but so far, you have never written about it. What can you say in your music essay? Do you feel like you don’t know where to begin? Take it easy! Music essays can be simple, and even fun to write. Here we will tell you how to prepare your assignment in five easy steps.

Step #1: Get inspired!

We all love music, don’t we? Therefore, the first thing you’ve got to do is connecting to the things you like the most about it. Listen to your favourite musicians and bands as you try to find an inspiration. Do you pay more attention to the lyrics or to the music? Can you tell each instrument apart? Which feelings arise from your favourite songs? Take down some notes, they may be useful later.

Step #2: Select a topic

You can choose from a wide variety of topics. You can write music essays about different musical periods (Classical music, rock in the 1950’s), or about composers (Mozart’s music, Wagner’s music, Coldplay’s lyrics, etc.). You can write a great essay describing particular albums or songs (the song Elton John wrote for Princess Diana after her death), or special events (the first time you went to a concert). The important thing is finding a topic you enjoy.

Step #3: Organize your writing

Prepare an essay plan before you actually start to write your music essay (remember to write an introduction, and finish the essay writing with a conclusion). Also, prepare an index with the title and the subtitles you divided the essay into.

Step #4: Quoting authorities

A music essay requires serious research. A good idea is quoting from books, newspapers and magazine articles, of course always mentioning the source (if you didn’t, it would be considered plagiarism). Another thing you can do is using a line from a song as a statement in which you base your entire essay: for example, if you write an essay about John Lennon entitled “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”.

Step #5: Go multimedia!

Add some sound to the essay! Given the chance, a great idea for your music essay, is to include a CD (with all the songs that you mentioned in the paper). Give the examiner the CD together with the printed version of the essay. Ok, even the best CD won’t make up for a poorly written essay. However, if your work was good, this kind of details can turn a VG into an Outstanding.

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