Essay Outline Easing Your Writing

Outlining the ideas is necessary for any writing and so is for the essay writing. This specifically helps not to miss any point during the writing. Essay outline holds values as an expected undertaking by the students. remains the most sought-after source for the students writing the essay; and the reason is that the assignment writing.

 In fact, the outline is a significant part of the writing in general and essay writing in particular. It becomes nearly impossible to embark on writing without the points. Whenever we write—say letter, notes, article, or essay—we definitely have these points conceived in our minds. The outline is nothing but a translation of these points on a piece of paper in order to remember all of them and arrange them in a good order.

 You can make it more informative by careful extra add-ons or deletion after information search.

 In addition to providing good lead about what to write, the outline also decreases the level of confusion. Without essay outline you may be repeating the same things again and again in your essay.

 The required word count can also be estimated by the outline, avoiding the unnecessary exceeding writing.


Immense value of sports in the school

1. Introduction
2. Sports are as necessary as the study for mental and physical growth of the students.
…a. In contrast to disciplined physical exercise conducted by the teacher, the sports provide the self-regulatory exercise.
…b. It reduces drastically the burdensome syllabic environment, replacing it with enjoyment.
3. Sports also incorporate some additional benefits.
…a. It greatly generates the team spirit among the students.
…b. The most interestingly, it teaches the art of “healthy competition.”
4. As a sport lover I enjoyed my school life.
…a. I won few trophies as champion and was a captain of football team.
…b. Sports did not ruin my education career.
5. Conclusion


I. Introduction (thesis—the main opinion—and chief points)
II. Topic expansion 1
A. Support
….1. Detail and/or explanation and/or example
….2. Detail and/or explanation and/or example
B. Support
….1. Detail and/or explanation and/or example
….2. Detail and/or explanation and/or example
III Topic expansion 2
….1. Detail and/or explanation and/or example
….2. Detail and/or explanation and/or example
B. Support
….1. Detail and/or explanation and/or example
….2. Detail and/or explanation and/or example
IV. Conclusion (summarization, restatement of thesis, and concluding comment)

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