Essay Format – Rules That Can Make or Break Your Essay!

Follow This Essay Format to Achieve Maximum Readability

Everyone writes essays. Every Tom, Dick and Harry writes essays on something or the other since childhood. But do we know how to define an essay? Well, it is nothing but a short piece of writing that is usually written from the author’s own point of view. It is normally written by students who attend schools and colleges. You must have the capacity to write a good essay because people judge you based on the essays that you write. There are many educational institutions where you are asked to write an essay for the purpose of assessment. At this juncture most students find it a bit difficult to write impressive College Entrance Essays. Good vocabulary is essential for writing any essay. Well, your job is not done just by having a good vocabulary. You must also know to present it in such a way that it reaches your readers efficiently. Hence, being aware of the college essay format is very important.

College essay formats

An essay usually has three main parts.

  • • Introduction
  • •Main body
  • •Conclusion
  • The introduction

    The introduction is of primary concern because here is where the writer introduces the topic. The reader glances through the introduction to know what the essay is all about. Therefore one must know how to write an essay introduction. The introduction must make the readers aware of the subject that you are going to talk about in the main body. Avoid vague usage of sentences. Avoid redundancy. Use simple words so that everyone can understand.

    The Main Body

    The name “main body” conveys everything there is to convey!  The body of the essay revolves around the core matters of the subject that you are talking about. This is where you prove or disprove something or express your opinions and so on. Here also, it is important that you use simple but effective language to reach the different audiences. This is one of the main parts of the essay format. Avoid repetition of ideas and words. Otherwise, people will only get bored. You can repeat something only when you want to stress on its importance. Otherwise avoid repetition as much as possible. There must be a flow in your essay. You must not jump from one topic to the other without establishing a connection. Finally, make the essay interesting so that readers do not get diverted. Try to write the essay in such a way that your readers do not lose interest from the beginning till the end.

    The Conclusion

    The essay conclusion is a summary of the entire essay. This is where you reinforce your opinions or ideas. You can state the main points that are related to the essay. This is where you also tie loose ends, if there are any. Here is where you answer the readers’ Famous Question “So what?”!  The conclusion is therefore another area of primary concern. Make it brief and simple and very clear.

    These are some tips to write an essay effectively. This is a fundamental college essay format that everyone who writes an essay must know. Any essay should have all these parts. Depending on your way of writing, the content and style may differ but it is essential that you follow this format to achieve maximum readability.

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