Essay Plan: The Conceptualisation of an Essay

Essay Plan is the soul of an Essay

An essay plan helps you organize your essay which will give a flow to what your writing and you will be able to format your essay in a more systematic way. Make it a habit to shape and reshape your ideas before starting an essay. Writing will become much easier if you make notes of the points that you are going to write.

Essay plan

You may have different strategies while writing. Strategy maybe of two types, starting to write the content immediately and then see how the essay is shaping or have an idea of what to write before starting the essay. But, if you have a doubt on how to start or write the essay it is better to have an essay plan. The following are the steps to carry out while planning an essay:

Step 1: first make sure what the essay requires. For example, if the topic is on Global Warming, the content may concentrate on the causes, effects and other related factors.  One can refer to a Global Warming Essay for guidance.

Step 2: prepare a rough draft of ideas for your research paper. These ideas can be anything like a statistical analysis, researches, observations that is related to the topic. Write down anything that you think is a useful point for the essay. This form a comprehensive essay structure.

Step 3: next, think for a topic for your essay. Essay titles form the first impression on the mind of the readers, so make sure it is short and catchy. Write down as many topics as possible and then shortlist them and finally choose the best topic after writing the essay.

Step 4: if you’re including a research or statistics in the essay make sure you have enough evidence to support your information.

Step 5: now arrange your ideas in a sequence or order- from the most important to the least important information, you may have got extra points later, make sure to include those points while arranging your ideas.

Step 6: an essay plan can be summarized as introduction – content/body – conclusion. The introduction can contain the basic information on the topic of the essay, your point of view- of what you think about the essay. Write the issue in detail with all the evidence to support your factual information. Sum up the whole essay for conclusion.

Step 7: edit your rough copy. Make the necessary changes like, including or deleting points if necessary, rephrasing sentences, etc.

Step 8: finally, prepare a fair copy of your edited essay. Give the essay the topic that you have selected and then write down the contents.

By this, you can make sure that your essay doesn’t have any flaw in it. At all the stages of your planning, keep one question in mind- whether your information is relevant to the topic. If you feel there are irrelevant points, change the points. This is better than changing the entire essay because of the lack of planning. Essay plan is an important part of essay writing; this helps you improve your writing skill and become a better essay writer. So make sure that you plan your essays before writing!

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