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Get to Know Reflective Essay Essence

Everything you write involves you, your reader and the world around you both. If the first element is the most important, if you are writing chiefly about yourself and your own experience, your aim is self-expression. You seek not so much to affect the reader or to explain the outside world as to express your personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. This category includes personal narrative and recollection as well as essays in introspection (for example, a reflective essay).

If you have to write a reflective essay and are at a loss what topic to choose, recollect a moment that powerfully moved you. If you search your memory, you can find at least one moment that is branded there forever by the sheer power of joy, grief, fear, guilt or pain. Use your imagination to picture that moment again, and get down to writing.

One more way to find a reflective essay topic is to address your favourite written works that impressed and influenced you greatly. Anything you read can stimulate a response. As soon as you begin to respond to the piece of writing, you can begin to think and write about that response. This act can lead you to think and write about what prompted your reaction.

Know the Ways of Successful Reflective Essay Writing

There are some ways of turning a subjective response into a finished essay format. One is to polish a personal response; it is not the way of depersonalising but of better formulating it. One more way is to begin with personal experience that introduces a theme in the material you reflect on.

By simply aiming to express your own thoughts, feelings or recollections you can produce a great piece of writing, if done properly. One of the “proper essay” rules is to to find the correct tone and the attitude to the subject. A reflective essay naturally employs personal tone. When writing with it, you accentuate the fact that you are expressing your own opinions, observations or beliefs. This tone can enhance the effect of a reflective essay by making your readers feel that you are talking directly to them.

The overall structure and format of a reflective essay are governed by the same academic standards as the other types of essays. Do not forget to properly arrange its three main blocks: introduction, body, conclusion. Try to find the informational filling for the essay body that is as relevant as possible. Pay special attention to the paragraph structure of the main part.

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