Tips for your School Essays

How to begin writing a school essay?

School essays
Do your teacher ask you to write many school essays? Or, on the contrary, you have never written one… yet? The thing is, chances are that every now and then, a teacher will ask you to hand in a school essay. And even when you may think it is a pain in the neck, because you don’t like to write and you don’t really think they are important at all, they are significant. In fact, there are many things you can learn from writing school essays, as boring as they may sound they are a task which provides you with certain tools you will need to use all your academic life. So in case you have no idea on how to deal with them, here we will suggest you some tips.

Basic notions

OK, so I’ve never written an essay, how do I begin? You must be familiarized with the concept. An essay is a short piece of writing which is often written from an author’s personal point of view. In an essay you don’t necessarily “tell a story” (although there is such a thing as a narrative essay, later on you’ll learn about the different kind of essays). You would rather “express an opinion”. It is a “non-fiction” kind of writing.
The first thing you need to do is to choose the essay topic. If this is your first essay, probably the teacher has given you the essay topic: it may be an Our day out essay, or a personal essay, or even a film essay, which are simpler forms that other kinds of essays that require a lot of research.
Ok, let’s imagine your topic is “A person I admire”. First, choose the person you want to write about, and then focus on why you admire him or her. Provide at least three reasons, which will turn into three different paragraphs. The first essay paragraph is your introduction: say who this person is and why did you choose to write about them. In your last paragraph, you sum up the ideas you have already written about. More on this following.

What you need to include

Think of every essay as a structure assembled from the same basic elements. Every essay must begin with a proper introduction, a few paragraphs were the writer establishes the purpose of the essay. Essay introductions should not be very long. Following, there should be some body paragraphs, a very important part, since it is the development of every argument what makes the essay sustainable. The writer of the essay is also required to write an appropriate conclusion, which sums up the essay’s main ideas and provides direction to future work on the topic.

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