Short Essays: The Real Challenge of Essay Writing

Compressing in style!

It is easier to write an essay for 500 words, two or more pages. Writing short essays is the real talent as it should be to the point with the required facts and the writer should be able to grasp the attention of the reader with his short content. The challenge in writing a brief essay is that it should have all the important information relating to the topic and the writer should stick to the word count which is the most important rule that has to be followed in this type of essay writing.

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These essays are a general assignment for the students studying in high school, universities, graduate and undergraduate program for which they get marks. Writing such essays enables students to express their opinions over a topic, provide ideas or review over the topic. Like the other types of essay writing, it should also have proper essay titles and there should also be a proper essay plan before starting the essay. To write effective short essays, a student can follow the same format as in the normal essay.

  • •   It should begin with a good introduction containing the purpose of writing the essay and the writer’s view over the essay topics, a short or a one line thesis which will state the goal for the essay.
  • •   After the introduction the body of the essay can contain a maximum of three to four paragraphs which is standard for a short work. Each paragraph should contain an important point that supports the topic.
  • •     The last paragraph should be the essay conclusion in all the short essays. The conclusion should contain the sketch of the introduction and the content and solutions, if any.
  • A paragraph in  short essays is written in the form of an inverted pyramid. An inverted pyramid usually contains information in the following format:

  • •     The least important information.
  • •    The next least important information
  • •    The next least important information
  • •     The important information
  • •   The next important information
  • •    The most important information
  • This comes in the shape of an inverted pyramid. The general points are discussed in the first line of the essay and the most important should be in the last line of the essay.  The general theme should be discussed in the introduction of an essay. Each point written in a paragraph should be inter-connected. The conclusion should contain the important point of the essay.

    Though these essays and the long essays are similar, they are different in small ways. Both the types require the same amount of research and thinking, but a short essay is brief. The whole point in writing a this essay is to give a gist of a subject; they are not in depth as the long essays which will cover a wide variety of topics over a particular subject.  Short essays should be a maximum of two pages over a specific topic, theme or idea.

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      I would like to add one more thing, when planning a persuasive essay, follow these steps:

      1. Choose their position.
      2. Analyze their audience.
      3. Research their topic.
      4. Follow the proper format for their persuasive essay.

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