“What Was that Essay Sentence Like?”

Some useful essay sentences you can implement

Essay sentence
Writing essays is not something easy for everybody. Some students seem to be talented writers, while others struggle to find that perfect essay sentence they read somewhere but now is lost in their memory… If you are having problems with your essay writing skills, we can lend you a hand. You can always purchase a custom essay and forget about your problems! Even if you want to try writing your own work, we can give you some valuable tips on essay sentences.

The importance of writing good sentences

Did you stop to think that sentences are the main structure of any language? While words can be ambiguous, sentences are already giving the reader or the listener some valuable information. For this reason, any essay sentence should be a reflection of the essay itself: just as your assignment, the sentences should be meaningful, coherent and concise.

Sentences determine your writing style

If you wish to improve your essay style, one tip we can give you is varying the extension of your sentences. An essay full of short sentences will seem written by an eight year old: “The best day of my life is today. I have friends. I have a career. I love my job. But I sill have lots to learn”. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to read (and therefore, mark) an essay full of long sentences: “If you ask me what was the best day of my life, I must admit it is today, since I have plenty of friends, a great career and a job I love, even though I admit that I still have lots to learn and…”. Boring! Alternating among long and short sentences is the best way to produce an essay which is easily readable yet complex enough.
For the same reasons, you should also try varying the essay sentence structure. Use exclamatory and interrogative sentences, even if the questions are only rhetorical: “Which was the best day of my life? I honestly believe it is today.”. Do not abuse of passive voice.

Useful words and sentences

Here are some useful essay sentences you may incorporate, as long as you clearly understand their meaning and you use them in the right context.
We totally agree with Mr. X when he claims he… (for quoting authorities)
I do completely agree with the statement (or) I completely disagree for the following reasons… (for comparing or contrasting)
So, based on all the above mentioned points, I believe… (for concluding an essay).
In order to present a clear train of thought to the readers, when writing your essay you should link each paragraph through logical transitions. There are certain words and phrases you can implement, such as however, consequently, therefore, moreover, similarly, in contrast, in other words, for example.

More ideas

An essay sample or an essay template will provide you more useful essay sentences. When you need help organizing your assignment in an effective way, you may find these generic templates really handy. Online you can find many kinds of templates for the most common essay types.

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