Dissertation Questions Must be Logical

Students need organizing their research proposal around dissertation questions

Dissertation questions are the links between the existing research and the additional contribution that students might propose during their dissertation presentation. Therefore, these questions are the guiding force of any research paper, as they could be incorporated in the future research references.

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Hence, doctoral students should organize their dissertation proposal around the set of such questions that would ultimately guide them through their dissertation planning and preparation. However, it is important to understand that students must list those questions that have vivid relationship and relevance with their study area. For example, medical students cannot choose the questions that pertain to computer technology or engineering students should not propose questions that relate to the art and philosophy.

Therefore, research questions should be valid and logical. This means that they should avoid dissertation questions, which are most common and have little or no relevance to the research area of the selected topic. Students should keep it in mind that the research questions would help them in articulating the theoretical framework of the research, while various chapters of their dissertation like the literature review and research methodology would have the relevance with them.

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In addition, the research question should be very clear so that the assessing committee members are not confused to understand it, while a well-defined question would lead to a logical dissertation. However, students should look at any disseretation writing to understand the importance of research questions and problem statements.

While the following issues should be considered in framing the research questions, properly; students must also go through a good  assignment writing for learning the skills required to prepare a good academic paper.

  • Methods employed for developing research questions

The first important aspect for developing any research question is students’ interest in the question. It is essential to remember that if the question does not interest the students, then the dissertation framed around this question would also remain uninteresting Therefore, choose a topic which is well-known and interesting, while framing the research question around it. In addition, talking to ex-students and classmates about the dissertation questions helps students to clarify the doubts, while refining them to the satisfaction of their advisers. In any case, students should maintain constant interaction with their advisory council members, while preparing their research proposals.

  • Be innovative while framing concise research questions

Students must use their innovative and imaginative skills to develop the research questions, while they should frame them in a clear and concise manner. An innovative thesis question certainly helps in contributing to the gap in the existing knowledge on the specific topic, while it must present the latest interpretation of research findings. Students can go through a good coursework help to understand the techniques for presenting a concise and well-structured research paper.

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In addition, the research question forwarded in the dissertation proposal should be short, straightforward and without any complexity. Therefore, it is advisable that students should not use more than a couple of variables, which enables the research questions remaining short and vivid, while readers do not find any difficulty to understand their purpose.

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