Detail Both Viewpoints in an Abortion Essay

Students can describe pro-life and pro-abortion views, while writing abortion essays

As it is a raging controversial issue, writing an abortion essay would be exciting for the students who love to participate in the debates and seminars that discuss such topics. In addition, abortion is also a sensitive issue, which has religious overtones and ethical issues related to it. In any case, while abortion is felt as the necessity by many working couples, eager to place their career on the top priority, it is termed as the murder of a yet-to-be-born infant.

However, students require presenting their views in an informative manner, instead of presenting personal or biased opinion on any of the arguments that they present in their essay. In this direction, students should try to understand the difference between an essay and a research paper, as the later would need students presenting their own position, with regard to a controversial issue, which they might mention in the thesis statement of their research document.

In addition, an abortion essay should present the opinion of other professionals who matter in this functional field. For example, giving the comments of a specialized doctor on the issue can relate to the topics, like the methods to avoid abortion or precautions needed, in the post abortive stage. Similarly, the comments of a religious head, like a priest or an Islamic cleric would also matter as they may present certain counterviews, which also eventually prove to be authentic and ethical. Going through an assignment help essay would guide students, in tackling both viewpoints.

While the following issues can be discussed in the essays on abortion by students, it is advisable that they also go through a dissertation writing to understand the importance of providing information gathered during any research work done on a controversial essay.

  • Discuss medical issues

Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) is the term that refers to abortion in the allopathic system of medicine. Students should discuss, in their abortion essay, the issues related to this term, as perceived through the legal sanctions, provided by various governments, around the world. In addition, students must also discuss the medical requirements of any woman who requires a surgery for this purpose. In fact, as the termination of pregnancy is related to the developmental stage of fetus, doctors’ opinion varies, with regard to abortion at an advanced stage. Therefore, students should discuss on the risks involved in removal of such fetus, which is more than 12 weeks old.

However, as all the essays should follow the necessary guidelines, with reference to the required writing style, students must go through coursework help to understand more about essay format regulations.

  • Discuss issues of ethics

Students can discuss here, the issues that concern the unwed mothers and parents who want to forget about the result of their own mistakes and infatuations. As the bigger issue involved with this problem is the inculcation of responsibility in the minds of such parents, students must discuss about various counseling methods that can bring awareness in the young teenagers, on issues concerning premature sex.

However, students must go through custom essays, to understand in detail about writing an abortion essay.

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