Learning How To Write a Conclusion

How To Write a Conclusion That Works

Do you want to know how to write a conclusion for an essay? Some of the most brilliant writers have a knack for writing a good conclusion – one that emphasizes the result of the discourse and provokes thought. At the end of your paper, you are expected to show what you have accomplished in the your project or essay. If you really want to make a lasting impression on your professor, learning how to write a conclusion is very important.

How to write conclusion

You need to have made relevant points in the body of your essay for your conclusion to be any good. As you may already know, the essay structure consists of three parts, these are:

Essay Introduction
Essay Body
Essay Conclusion

When the reader tries to read your work, your introduction must clarify what your thesis statement is. Not only that, it must grab your reader’s attention. In the introduction, you are also advised to provide a background of the subject. What is the historical or social context of the topic? The body must outline and explain the arguments that support your thesis statement. It must also contain relevant examples.

Among the other coursework help you can get in this website, here is how to write a conclusion. First, prepare your reader for the ending at the same time, reminding him or her of what he or she has learned from the body. If you are up for it, leave your reader or two to ponder. Many writers inject their own views of the matter at the ending, giving the essay a rather personal touch. Some writers like to end with another question. When it is properly done, this can be very effective. Some writers end in a very straight forward manner by smoothly summarizing the arguments they have made. This works too.

To repeat everything you have said in the paper doesn’t necessarily make a great conclusion. It’s part of it but there is more to writing a conclusion than that. To conclude means to end a particular thing and in writing a good essay conclusion, one is first expected to have:

-made salient and properly organized points in the body of the paper
-rounded these points up to remind the reader of what has been discussed
-emphasized the thesis statement, the main argument or the result
-created a comfortable atmosphere that indicates that the discourse has ended

Here are some of the things that you must not do.

Don’t make your conclusion too long. Some students write very lengthy endings just to meet the page requirement. This can’t be good of course. Generally, the lengthiest part of the essay is the body. The beginnings and ending must not be as long.

Don’t add new data or new discussion as this belongs to the body. An essay structured this way is clearly poorly organized.

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Don’t end abruptly. Just think of it this way: If you were having coffee with someone, you wouldn’t want him or her to just get up and go. This is why we make an effort on knowing how to write a conclusion.

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    in the conclusion of any essay the author summarises what has been said above and highlights the main ideas he wanted to convey in the essay. It is actually the statement that you have said everything you wanted, a parting between the author and the reader. The conclusion of the essay should be written in a way that it leaves a positive impression of the whole paper you have written. The article above actually explains how to do it. You can also look at our samples posted on the website

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