Write a Critical Essay and Express What Is In Your Mind

Explain your critical view in a healthy way

A critical essay is one type of essay which contains all that you feel like expressing about a particular piece of work. It mostly will contain both your positive and negative comments. It does not mean that it is incomplete without your negative views; you just have to put in what you wish to convey. The attitude of using both positive and negative point of views is described as “detachable evaluation”, meaning that you weigh both the positive and negative points before accepting or rejecting the topic.

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A critical essay must

  • be informative
  • criticize
  • be well explored
  • be educative
  • be likeable by the reader or audience
  • use claims and evidence
  • be well organized
  • Be free of mechanical and stylized error

While writing a critical essay you have to ask yourself a few questions, have you understood the meaning in detail, have you taken it in the same point of view as the orator or writer, is the point of view acceptable by you and last but not least what is the significance of what you have just read or heard. You must also give a valid introduction to the topic either in your own words or by quoting some other writers or orators.

Some of the other things to be kept in mind while writing a critical essay is that there are certain rules which must be followed thoroughly; firstly description, this must contain the details about the content of the paper or oration. Details about the author and also some additional information about the topic must be there in your description along with the important points discussed by the author. The description must be very brief but it must contain all the important points mentioned above.

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Secondly, interpreting the content of the topic in the right way is very much important. Whatever you have understood must be conveyed in a simple and straight manner. The important or complex terms which the author uses must be explained in an easily understandable format. Even the prepositions, similes, metaphors, etc could be used and explained in your content. The author’s propositions, suggestions, etc must also be stated in your paper.

Thirdly, criticize whenever and wherever you disagree with the author. In this you can show them on what cases you disagree with the author. But if you want to agree with the author, you must show them your appreciation, and in both cases you must justify yourself. Judge the author in your own right, but, make sure you have given the correct reasons for it. While criticizing, you must keep in mind that your arguments must not be illogical; you could even show where the author has got the wrong information. Acknowledge any emotions that you bring to the dispute.

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Finally, express the key ideas which have intrigued your mind, made you appreciate or even criticize the author. If the author has not given a conclusion or if his conclusion is irrelevant, then supply a conclusion of your own. If all this is properly followed in your paper, then your paper is sure to gain a lot of appreciation. All the components of a critical essay are as important as the ingredients for a King’s meal.

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