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Extended essay tips will be useful for you when you are writing extended essays which may be a compulsory part of some of your school or college syllabus. This particular essay can be written on any topic, no matter what it deals with, you can write anything from English grammar to abortion or anything else. The topic is freely chosen by the student, and the student must do some extensive research for the topic and present the best possible paper. The student can use up to 40 hours for writing their essay or their paper. See to that the topic that you choose is not the choice of anybody else at least in your own class.

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Doing extensive research is one of the most important extended essays tips because your essay must have at least 4000 words. Shocked? You don’t have to be; after your research is done all this would be nothing for you. And that too if the topic is something you like then what’s the problem if you must write 4000 or even 10000 words. It’s not easy but this is what is required so that you get a good score in your paper. These types of essays have the potential to make you hate your own topic, but don’t lose interest as it is the only thing that will help you write your entire paper.

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Be specific about your topic don’t choose a general topic. Follow the guidelines properly and even the number of words required will not be appalled. In fact, you will find it difficult to contain with the prescribed number of words. Take the help of good essay samples and model papers available on the net. Don’t take your extended essay seriously and look over the guidelines and explanations for the betterment of your paper. An extended essay paper does not require any ground breaking discovery or a perfect essay; it must just have the required number of words with a valid meaning. You must just prove that you are capable of writing something big and important.

There are a lot of things you have got to keep in mind while writing an extended essay, here are some more extended essay tips for you.

* Choose a unique topic or rather make it unique

* See to that you get at least 4000 words

* Use citations and quotes

* Organize your essay properly

* Keep your essay balanced

* Write an abstract

* Give a reference page in the end

* Comment on different interpretations

* Write historical citations

* Don’t plagiarize.

Don’t prefer a subject that is very sensitive. One of the extended essay tips could be that you must choose a topic that offers you a lot of references and helps you write more and more. Sometimes you may be asked to follow some rules while writing your extended essay by your teacher or instructor, if so don’t hesitate to follow that format. If nothing is prescribed then you may follow any format that you prefer be it APA or MLA format paper. If you have any doubts at all, just get in line with the excellent writers at fastessays.co.uk. Buy essay papers at fastessays.co.uk – 100% custom written papers! Get professional assistance from our experts to select the best proposal essay topics

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