Some Topic Ideas for your Communication Essay

There are many ways to focus communication essays

When students are requested to write a communication essay, they may feel at first a little overwhelmed, since it is such a wide topic. In order to plan, organize and write your essay you need to establish a more limited topic, such as cultural communication, communication and language or interpersonal communication. Here we provide you some ideas. After all, communication essays can be very different, and that enriches your writing experience: you can actually learn something new while doing this work.

What is it all about?

If you want to write a communication essay, the first thing you need is to know what exactly communication is. It is a two way process that involves at least two agents: a receiver and a sender, both actively involved. They must share a repertoire of signs and semiotic rules: for example, speak the same language.
Communication is the way information (a message) is enclosed in a package, channeled and sent by someone on one side of the circuit, and then it is received and decoded by someone on the other side, which will give the sender some feedback in return. The message can be verbal or non-verbal (since gestures are also a very important part of communication). The channel through which the message is sent and received can be oral, written, visual, etc. That is why means such as listening, speaking, reading and writing can all be used for an active communication process.

Some topic ideas

Communication essays can be of many different types. For example, you may write an essay on team communication or interpersonal communications, misunderstandings, communication and power, mass media, animal communication, language and communication, etc. The field of communication skills is quite wide, the important thing is that the writer keeps viewing the topic as a whole, even when the essay turns out to be somehow more specific.

Essay organization

If you are going to write a communication essay, remember you must be very clear yourself. Think of the essay as the message, you as the sender and the potential readers as receivers. Organizing your essay properly is therefore very important. You should begin by writing a proper introduction: one or two paragraphs where you establish the purpose of the essay and give your own reasons for supporting a certain hypothesis or adopting a point of view. Introductions should not be very long, since it is the development of every argument what makes the essay sustainable.
After the introduction, write three or four body paragraphs in which you develop one by one the ideas that support your point of view. Always use titles, subtitles, an index and all the other textual elements that provide your essays with a very desirable professional look and make it easily readable.
Finally, you are also required to write an appropriate conclusion, which sums up the essay’s main ideas and provides direction to future work on the topic. If you follow these directions, your essay on communication will be itself an excellent example on the topic!

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