Essay titles- Essay Titles Decide Your Stand In the Market

Give a Suitable Name and Get All the Available Fame!

Naming your essay is as important and wonderful as naming your baby. The essay titles give a life to your essay. The importance of a title is realized when one watches what happens in a library, for a few minutes. Nine out of every ten persons do not look at the content of a book or an article or an essay. They go in search of titles that are good enough to impress them. People choose books or essays based on the title. If your title can make people do a double take and get their attention fast, well, you are in the market!

There are a lot of things for you to consider before you pick up a topic for your essay. The first and obvious point is that the topic must be relevant to the content of your essay. It must not be vaguely related to the topic. On the contrary, it must be quire clear enough to convey to the readers, what the essay is all about. You should also make the title as short and crisp as possible in most cases. Even one good essay writing tip can be followed to write an effective essay. The following are some essential tips to be followed carefully while choosing essay titles.

  • • First, write the essay completely. Unless you write the essay fully, edit it and are done with the whole thing, it is very difficult for yourself to get the essence of the essay and pick up a good topic.
  • • Decide who your target audience is going to be. You would have decided the target while writing the essay but keep them in mind while fixing the title. It must be good enough to draw the attention of that particular group, be it children or women and the like.
  • • Sometimes, whenever necessary, you can also decide on an abstract title, whose purpose is to make the readers curious about your essay.
  • • Put yourself in the place of the readers and think what their expectation might be. Try to guess what a layman would look for in your essay.
  • • Finally, re-read your essay and make the necessary changes, if any.
  • There are different types of essay titles. Some of them are stated below.

  • • A title can be direct and crisp so that it conveys to the readers clearly what the essay is about without any misunderstanding.
  • • A title can be in the form of a question whose answer lies in the essay. This may make the readers want to read your essay.
  • • You can also settle on a title that compares two things. For example “Which is better? – Tea or coffee” This type is best suited for comparative essays.
  • • A title can be abstract in some cases, too. Here, the meaning is not right in front of you. There is a hidden meaning which will be understood on reading the essay. One can choose this kind of topic for narrative essays.
  • • In some cases, the title can be a form of prediction. For instance when you write about natural disasters and the like, you can choose a title which suggests what is going to happen in the near future. For example, “Plastic is going to destroy the universe”. Now, the readers will have a clear picture your essay which may be on the adverse effects of over usage of plastic.
  • Thus these are some of the forms of titles that you can adopt. But these are not the only forms. Depending upon the content of your essay and the creativity of the writer, the topics tend to vary. The only essential thing is that your essay titles must be good enough for your essays to hit the book stores and reach your readers’ hearts!

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