Essay Answers: Guiding your Writing

Write your paper based on essay answers

Essay answers
Sometimes, the teacher provides the question (or questions), and students are meant to produce essay answers. While for some students this is a way to guide them and help them through their assignment writing, for others, essay answers are quite a pain in the neck! However, here we will show you how to take advantage of this particular kind of essay in order to get better marks next time you are dealing with this type of paper.

Defining the essay type

Essay questions may be the topic for a personal essay. For example, “Which was the most important day in your life and why?”, “Who is the person you admire the most and what have you learnt from them?”. In this case, base your essay answers in what you truly think. After all, it is your real life experience what turns this essay into a meaningful reading. For that same reason, you should always write about something significant. It doesn’t matter if visiting the dentist last week is something you actually did: no one is willing to read about it. On the other hand, difficult experiences, stories of achievements or success, or even sad stories about a hard learning process you went through catch the reader’s attention at once.
Some critical, argumentative or persuasive essays are also based on a question: “Do you believe abortion should be legislated?”, “How do you feel about death penalty?”. While you should supply a proper essay answer, expressing your viewpoint, one way or the other, you must be sure you are basing your argument in logical reasons. For example, when it comes to the abortion essay, always consider how abortion tends to create very strong opinions in people. Any teacher who is asking their students for such an essay, surely expects to find both opinions in every paper. At least, your essay should give enough arguments on both sides to justify the current debate that is installed in many countries of our western society. And even if you wish to share your actual feelings about this delicate subject, you should dedicate a similar amount of words to explain the arguments given by people with the opposite point of view.

Essay writing tips

Do you remember when you were in Elementary school? Back then, teachers would insist on the answers being made in the form of a sentence. The same applies to your essay answers. When you write your first paragraph, always begin with a proper essay introduction. See the following example: the student is supposed to write an essay from the question “Do you believe there is life in other planets?”.
Wrong essay beginning: Yes, because there are so many stars out there…
Good essay beginning: I believe there is life in other planets because…
The best essay beginning: For centuries, men have looked up and wondered if there was any other form of intelligent life. What I do believe, is that there is. Here I will explain why…

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