What Should an “Our Day Out” Essay Include

Our day out essays put experience first

School trips and days out are experiences every student loves. By going on a day out, you don’t only get to learn, you also have fun and enjoy a pleasant time with your classmates. Everybody loves going out of school. But, why is it that every teacher requests an “our day out essay”? Are they just mean, trying to spoil the fun you had by giving you hard work to do? Not at all.
Of course, school trips are not holidays. School trips and days out are supposed to be meaningful learning experiences in which you do not only have fun but you also get to learn something new. Writing an essay about this experience is the best way of establishing the trip as a significant living and relating it with knowledge previously thought in school. So, that is why so many teachers request our day out essays. They are usually short, easy essays that won’t take you a lot of time… providing you can organize yourself properly, right? Visit our site to have a look at a good example of descriptive story

Start with a brief description

The day out is not just a picnic in a park… you have been to a place that your teacher was particularly interested in, for some reason. Was it the Congress, was it a TV channel, a museum or the post office? Start writing your history coursework about what you saw there. How many people were working there? What did the guide tell you about the history of the place? Any interesting or curious fact you may add? In this part of your essay, the teacher is expecting to find out if you were paying attention or just laughing with your friends…

Give your own opinions and impressions

If you really want to show yourself off in an our day out essay, do not constraint yourself to an objective description. Express also your own ideas, thoughts and opinions about the visit or the school trip. Explain which parts of the trip were the most significant for you and why. If you add details that you alone noticed, without the guide pointing them out, you will probably get extra credit: “The paintings of the Cathedral have been recently restored, but that doesn’t stop its walls from transmitting a sense of times long gone”. You may also want to add what is it that you learnt, although you should better leave it for the conclusion of the essay. Hire our professional writers to build your informative essay

Conclude with facts and theory

Finally, all our day out essays should end in a proper conclusion, one that combines the objective experience with facts you learnt at school: “It is a known fact that many people work in order to provide us with our daily mail, but it wasn’t until our day at the post office that I realized how important their job really is”. “By visiting Winston Churchill Memorial and Museum, I truly understand how deeply this brave man influenced in our nation”. Teachers love that, even if it sounds a little fawning…

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