Different Ways of Concluding an Essay

Concluding essays is an art you can learn

Every student knows that an essay must be properly concluded. Concluding an essay is almost as important as writing all the previous part. Why is that? Because the essay conclusion is a summary of everything else written. It provides the reader with an open door for continuing the research; it basically synthesizes the whole essay.
You should also keep in mind that some teachers will only read that part of your assignment writing –we know it is sad, but it is the truth-. So you must never take the conclusion for granted. It is a fundamental part of the writing task and it should be prepared accordingly.
But, is it only one possible way of concluding essays? Not at all. There are different styles of essay and there are also many different possible ways of finishing them. The important thing is never forgetting to write a good conclusion.

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Brief conclusion or extensive conclusion

By rule, a conclusion should be brief and go straight to the point. A very extensive conclusion may leave in readers the impression that the author of the essay needed to fill the word count. However, it is possible to conclude with an extensive conclusion provided that you not only summarize your work, but you continue developing new ideas. For example, different ways the research could have been focused, other methods you may have included (even if you didn’t) or problems you faced during the writing process.

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Closed conclusion or open conclusion

When referring to short papers (500 words or even less), writing a closed conclusion is recommended. The conclusion could just be the last sentence fo the essay: for example, if you wrote an essay about a book, a play or a film, the conclusion could be “Nobody should miss this great work of art” or “Definitely, I wouldn’t recommend it.”
But when you are concluding an essay which is extensive, the conclusion could be open in the meaning you could provide new lines of analysis that a future hypothetical reader could follow in order to complete your research: “In this essay we have analyzed the characters in Shakespeare’s most famous comedies. The tragedies would take a whole other paper.”

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Confirmed hypothesis or refuted hypothesis

When the essay has been written as an answer to a certain hypothesis, it is possible to conclude in two ways: the hypothesis can be confirmed, if all your lines of research proved it right; or, on the contrary, the conclusion could be the refutation of the hypothesis. “We believed that no plant can grow without being exposed to sunlight. Research has proven us wrong. In fact, they may grow in total darkness, although their leaves will suffer an alteration in their coloring”. Both ways are ok as long as they reflect what you expressed all along the whole essay.

Concluding essays is not as difficult as it seems. You can always choose the best way to conclude according to your work.

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