Don’t We Just Love Writing Love Essays?

A love essay can include a personal appreciation

This is one of the most popular essay topics among school students. Love essays have the advantage that every student has experienced such a wonderful and amazing feeling (although sometimes can be quite painful and frustrating). So don’t complain if your teacher requests you to write an essay on this topic, because you could do much worse! A love essay can be quite interesting to write, although you should focus on “serious” topics and not only describe how wonderful, cute and lovely is your current sweetheart.
Here is some advice for writing a great essay on the topic of love and feelings in general.

Plan your essay

Organizing clearly the essay is always mandatory. Even in such a personal topic as it can be a love essay, you should anyway think of a proper introduction, development and conclusion. Sketch in a few lines every single part of the essay; this essay plan will be very helpful when you find yourself in front of the blank page and you feel you have nothing to say (that is called “writer’s block and it is very common). Planning the essay is the best way to reach the desired word count, since you get a much clearer look on how many paragraphs you should write and how many words should each paragraph contain. Besides, organization will help you meet your deadlines.

Add a philosophical background

The topic of love has been evaluated and analyzed many, many times, all through the history of mankind. Philosophers of every time and place have at least once consider the matter in some of their most important writings. So before you start defining love your own way, you should better check the school library for information and appropriate quoting. That will provide your work with a philosophical background that will have a great effect on your final essay mark.

Mentioning your own experience

It is not wrong to finish the essay with a little love anecdote or story, but you should not abandon the formal register you use in every essay. So, if you still want to write about love the way you understand it, do not fall into temptation of writing a love letter or a soap opera script. You may write about your own love story, yes, but, why not do it using a third-person narrator? In that way, everything you write will be read as objective information, that is, as an example to the philosophical conception of love you wrote about in the first part of your essay.

Anyway, we know it is hard writing so many essays, and meeting deadlines, even simple and basic love essays can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. In any case, remember you can always trust us with your writing tasks and here you will find high quality writers ready to provide you with a custom made, 100% original and unique work, any time! We would LOVE to help you on this one!

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