Doing Dissertation Research Right

How Does One Begin To Do Research For Dissertation?

A dissertation or also known as a thesis is an academic paper that explores a particular argument or proposition. As a student, this is basically your contribution to the pool of information that furthers higher learning. Most degree holders now enjoying stable jobs and fat pay checks couldn’t have graduated without this. As such, a dissertation is important. It must be relevant, well-researched, insightful and properly documented.

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A dissertation has several parts:
1)title page
2)an abstract
3)a table of contents
4)a body
5)a bibliography

Some other details like where to put the page number and how to cite the sources depend on the dissertation format you choose like Modern Language Association (MLA), Harvard or American Psychological Association (APA). You need to be very well-versed with these formats before you can start with your dissertation. Errors in format create the impression that you don’t really know what you’re doing.

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Another important thing to do is dissertation research. Even the best writers cannot put together a decent dissertation without proper research. So jot down your dissertation questions and start looking for the answers. Here are some tips to remember in doing dissertation research:

1)Consider your sources. Not all written materials – printed or available online – are accurate. To be safe, you have to get information from as many sources as you can for you to get a clear picture of your subject. Journals and books are great but you must not limit yourself to these. Scout videos and on line materials as well.

2)Take notes of relevant information by jotting them down in a notebook or an index card. If you don’t need to quote the material verbatim, try to paraphrase the information as well as you can. This is the best way to avoid plagiarism. Also, document your sources as you proceed. You will need the title of the book, publisher, author, editors, date of publication and the place of publication for your dissertation research. Some professors require annotation so be sure to get this done if necessary.

3)Verify the information you have. Not everything that you discover will be accurate.

4)Finally create an essay plan, which outlines all the points you want to discuss. This will help you organize all the information you have. Presenting all your data in an organized and clear manner is as important as doing the dissertation research.

5)Take some time to analyze the data yourself. What can you conclude from the ones you’ve gathered? What insights can you share? After all, of what good is a lot of information if you can’t make sense of them yourself?

After you have done the above, you should be ready to start writing your dissertation. Another good tip is to buy essays or dissertation examples. This will give you some ideas on how other students write their dissertations.

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A dissertation is generally the last thing you will ever have to write before school ends. More often than not, a large percentage of your grade will depend on this. Through this, your teacher can measure both your diligence and analysis. He or she can also measure how much you have learned in class and how much you have learned on your own. The bottom line is: do it right.

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