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Capture Your Readers’ Hearts With Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

It is very easy for one to write something, but what makes a write up interesting is the presence of human interest element in it. Basically, there are four types of writing. They are descriptive, narrative, persuasive and expository writing. Out of these four, narrative writing has the best of chances to capture the readers’ interests as it reaches their hearts. It deals mostly with the happening of an event during a particular point of time. It is mostly delivered in a story-telling format and so it triggers the interest of the readers. As in any other write up, in this type of writing also, the topics chosen play a vital role as most readers choose to read a material based on its title or caption. Narrative essay topics should always be in such a way that it should give the readers, a clear picture of what the written work is about.

Example of descriptive essay story

Very good examples of narrative writing are novels written by famous authors like Sidney Sheldon, Arthur Hailey etc. All these novels tend to carry the readers across the pages of the books and make them part of the fictional characters. Hence, they are found very interesting. Therefore narrative writing helps ensure the readers’ involvement while reading your material. Following even a single essay writing tip can make the narrative writing effective. Some of them are outlined below.

  • • The writing should be put in simple language so as to make an average reader understand.
  • • The topic must be interesting enough to capture the readers’ attention.
  • • Complex sentences and language must be avoided.
  • • Redundancy must be avoided. (i.e.) the same words and sentences should not be repeated.
  • • There must be a flow in the writing so as to make the readers comfortable. They must be able to follow what is written with considerable ease.
  • • An important aspect in narrative writing is the pacing. The writer may sometimes slow down the pace or rush through the events. This irregular pacing may sometimes be interesting, but not always. It depends on how the writer carries his readers across the pages of his book.
  • •  However, in general, it is always better if the writer follows a regular pace while writing.
  • • The writer must ensure that his writing is not dumped with too much of details. Explanations and descriptions should be included only wherever necessary. Otherwise, the material would turn out to be monotonous.
  • These are some of the ways by which narrative writing could be made more effective.  One must not oversee the importance of Narrative essay topics. It is inevitable for the topics to be interesting so as to capture the interest of the target audience. There are many ways to give a write up an interesting topic. This type of writing is similar to what we call a personal essay. Fixing a title for an essay completely lies in the hands of the writer. However, the following suggestions could help the writer make his topic more effective. Need essay titles? you have come to the right site

  • • The topic must not have too many words. It must be as short as possible.
  • • It must be accurate and must be able to convey what the material is about.
  • •  Sometimes, to trigger curiosity among the readers, abstract titles may also be given. They have a hidden meaning which will be disclosed only if the reader picks the material off the rack.
  • • The bottom-line is that, the title, however it is, must be good enough to attract the readers’ attention.
  • These are some of the ways and means to make narrative writing effective. An essay sample can help a writer come up with better essays.  As stated above, Narrative essay topics play a vital role in the success of  these essays. They are just too important to be ignored. Our good essay sample will help you a lot in building an effective essay.

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