How to Write a Government Essay

Tips for successful government essays

Government essay
If you are taking a course, and it requires you to write a government essay, you may at first feel somehow scared or overwhelmed. Are you supposed to perform a political analysis? Should you face it as an argumentative essay or as a personal essay –thus, expressing your own opinions?
Government essays can be tough to prepare, especially if you are not used to reading newspapers or watching debates on TV, but you should try to organize your work as best as you can, taking it step by step, and you will do just fine. And even if you are not sure where to begin, here we give you a few tips on how to write a good essay, from the very beginning to the last word.

Why am I supposed to write this essay?

You may be wondering what is the purpose of your teacher or professor when they ask their students for a government essay. Are they interested to know your political opinions? Will they judge you if you disagree with their own? Don’t worry: chances are they don’t care whether you are a liberal, a socialist, left-winged or right-winged… A government paper is concerned with the political issues. Because of that, students should have excellent interpreting and analytical skills with in-depth political knowledge to answer their assignment writing effectively. Your teacher is probably more interested on how you manage to deal with the task, not on your political beliefs.

So, should I speak my mind?

There are some topics you could write about that are tremendously controversial and some people find very difficult writing about. Such may be the case when you are asked to write your opinion on a certain government decision, such as immigrant policies, abortion legislation, death penalty or euthanasia. Whether you think of yourself as pro or against, preparing a paper about such issues can be indeed very challenging. One question tends to rise: Shall I say what I really think about the matter?
Remember that in any persuasive essay, since you don’t know for sure the reader’s point of view (and how strong he or she feels about it), you should avoid giving your opinion in a very strong, emotional way, but you should use logical arguments instead.

Some possible essay topics

When writing government essays, these are some possible essay topics you may choose: government elements and purposes; government responsibility; education, health and security politics; censorship; impact on environmental problems; political parties; mass media; bureaucracy and civil rights.
As in every essay, for a government paper you should think of a proper introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The next step is sketching in a few lines every single part of the essay; that will be very useful should you find yourself in front of the blank page feeling that common writer’s block we all hate so much.
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