How to Ask the Five ‘W’s and One ‘H’ effectively?

Essay questions kindle the curiosity of the reader

Very often essay questions are put forth by the writers. Have you ever wondered why questions are put forth in essays or blogs or any other articles? It is not only to kindle the curiosity of the reader but also to enlighten them over the unknown knowledge or information. The five W’s- what, when, where, why, who and the one H- how are the questions that are mostly asked by the writers. So, it is better to form an essay plan before you write your essay.


The question ‘what?’ is asked by a writer when he wants to ask about the future. For example,
“What will happen to the world after 20 years?”
Such questions are asked in order to make the people think about the consequences or the results of the present events in the future.


When is asked in essay questions to stress on the indefinite time period. Questions like,
“When will the women be given their freedom in the society?”
Here no one can say when the problem or the incident will have a definite solution, but it will be brought to the attention of the public.


This question is asked to the people when a consistent problem leads to another problem without any solutions
“Where will the indo-pak problem lead to?”
These are the questions asked when the problem exists at a long run without a solution.


Many writers in their essay questions like to use the question “why?” when they are discussing the social problems mainly.
“Why is the problem of illiteracy still prevailing?”
These questions are asked in order to make the people think about the problem and encourage them to take initiatives over the problem.


This is asked for the people to acknowledge the source of the problem which is quite obvious to the people.
“Who is responsible for terrorism in the world?”
Sometimes the question may have two or more answers else the answer as still a mystery to the world.


This is asked to bring out the cause or the steps to be taken for a problem. Many may not know the actual reason or the cause of the problem. So questions like these help the people to acknowledge the initial cause
“How did the cast system start?”
Such questions make the people think about the cause of the incidents or the problems.

These essay questions are asked when the writer is writing about the social problems in the society. There are questions asked in lighter subjects also. They are mostly commercial prone and are asked to captivate audience and to have as many readers as possible. The questions asked in college or school essays are entirely different. They mostly involve the subject that the student is writing. They ask questions based on their researches, on the statistics, etc. these questions are asked so as to increase the knowledge of the students. The essay conclusion must also be effective. These questions are as effective as the essay titles. Though catchy titles of the essay create a curiosity in the reader, the questions absorbs the reader.

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