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Essay phrases you can use again and again

Essay phrases
While at first it may seem ridiculous to think that any student can repeat the same essay phrases from time to time, the truth is that teachers and professors are actually expecting a certain register. Readers are accustomed to some common phrases in the English language being used in academic works. In fact, the purpose of using essay phrases is helping the readers to establish the logical flow of sentences in an appealing and readable way.
Essay writers usually have a list of phrases they can implement in different kinds of essays. Students often have to memorize the most common phrases. Learning some of them is useful, since it will simplify your work and allow you to achieve a professional register in your writing assignment. At the same time, you need to make sure you are using each phrase properly –or don’t use it at all! You should be very careful about the context in which they are used. The best thing to do is to use them where it is obvious.

When should you use transition phrases?

A good essay must be coherent and cohesive. In other words, you can’t write an essay by collecting a random bunch of sentences and expecting them to make sense. That is why transition words and phrases are vital to join sentences and thoughts together in a coherent fashion. They often tell you what will be coming next (either positive or negative), and indicate a change.
You should use a transition phrase at the beginning of a new body paragraph, or in between thoughts, showing the link between the previous idea and the following. On the other hand, you are not supposed to use transition words to begin an essay.
Some common transition word examples are: rather, furthermore, nonetheless, also, therefore, consequently, etc.

A list of common essay phrases you can learn

Here we suggest you some common essay phrases you can start implementing in your student essays starting today.
To begin an essay, a section, or paragraph: Firstly, to begin with, It is first necessary to explain…, The purpose of this assignment is to…, In this essay/section it will be shown that…, There is a growing debate about…, This piece of work is divided into four chapters…
To lead into an argument: Let us begin by stating the obvious…, The fact of the matter is that…
To compare different arguments: It would be worthwhile to also consider…, In contrast to this, On the other hand…, A further point/reason is that…, In addition to these points, it could be argued that…
To add some significant content: It is vital to mention…, In supplement to…, Furthermore…, This is further illustrated by…
To express a personal opinion: We are totally convinced that…, I am of the opinion that…
To arrive at the essay conclusion: Despite arguments/evidence to the contrary, I would argue that…, With the help of these arguments, one can safely reach the conclusion that…, To help us conclude…

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