An Advanced Higher English Dissertation for Foreign Students

Tips for writing advanced higher English dissertations

Advanced higher English dissertation
If you are studying abroad, that means by the time you finish you’ll need to prepare an advanced higher English dissertation. What if English is not your first language? This will obviously imply some extra difficulties. However, you can succeed and we can tell you how. Keep on reading and we’ll give you some advice for writing satisfactory advanced higher English dissertations, even if you have learned English as a foreign language.

The importance of English

Most people agree on the fact that English is today’s lingua franca. Universities all around the world want their students to be able to present an advanced higher English dissertation, no matter what their first language. Indeed, the worldwide applicability of English has significantly increased the value of everything related to this language.
And because academic works require flawless English, some foreign students face many difficulties. Besides trying to create quality contents in their dissertation, or essay writing, they must pay attention to details such as grammar, vocabulary, even spelling. Not only they should care on what to say. They also have to think very carefully how to say it.

English as a second language

Regardless how much time we have been studying a second language, the truth is it’s never quite the same as our own. As wearing a borrowed pair of trousers that may fit us well, but still doesn’t feel exactly the same.
For example, if you are a student of English, you should be careful when trying to find the appropriate register for all your academic writings (especially in your dissertation!). An advanced higher English dissertation should never be written using the same simple language you use while writing e-mails or even newspaper articles. When handing in your dissertation, you should demonstrate that you can communicate your message, together with proving your language ability.
The good news is, before completing your dissertation you have probably handed in lots of papers, so you have some experience you can use.

How about translating?

While some foreign students squeeze their brains trying to write their thesis directly in English, others write their work in their native language and have it translated later. This is always a choice. However, you should take into account that if you are not able to write in English, you shouldn’t try translating yourself, but hire a professional translator instead. This will cost you money. Besides, you should carefully consider your deadlines, since translating a work as long as a dissertation may take some time, even to professionals.

Perhaps you feel you are not prepared to deal with such a challenging work, or maybe you need someone to edit it and proofread it. In any case, remember you can always buy an advanced higher English dissertation from our company. We are committed to providing you only with a 100% original work, written by professional academic writers specialized in your field. And we sell custom essays, assignments, and also dissertations. Impossible to track down, written especially for each of our customers.

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