Keys for a Good Essay Composition

Your essay composition can be outstanding

Essay composition
If you are reading this guide about essay composition, this probably means that at school teachers are already requesting this kind of writing from you and your classmates. However, have you ever wondered how to write a good essay? Are all the essays the same? What is their structure like?
First of all, note that your essay composition may be quite simple or rather difficult, especially depending on the essay type you are supposed to write. Not all the essays are the same. For example, while Prep school students are given an essay topic by their teacher to write about, in academic writing the teachers ask students to demonstrate an argument, collect enough data to prove a point, or prove that they have understood the multiple meanings of a text they have assigned.

Do I really need to write my own essay?

If you have never written an essay, you may feel tempted to download a free essay from a random website and hand it in as your own. Don’t do this: it’s very risky, and getting caught may have serious consequences. If anything, you should pay a respected company, as ours, for a custom made essay, which will be unique, and impossible to track down.
Anyway, in case you decide to go for it and deal with the essay composition, we can provide you some recommendations, so keep reading.

A basic essay structure

Every essay needs at least five paragraphs to be complete. These are: an introduction, in where the writer establishes the purpose of the essay; the body paragraphs, a very important part, since it is the development of every argument what makes the essay sustainable; and an appropriate conclusion, which sums up the essay’s main ideas and provides direction to future work on the topic.
Of course, if you should write a long essay, five paragraphs may be too few, and you may need to add more. The essay organization, however, remains unchanged.

The essay word count

Something very important to keep into account is to respect the requested word count. Has your teacher asked you to hand in a 2000 word essay? Ok, during your essay composition you can write 1900, or 2100 words. Nevertheless, exceeding 3000 words would be as wrong as handing in a 1000 word paper. Always try to match the examiner’s request, or you will suffer the consequences.

Writing tips

The worst part about the essay composition is… beginning! Just the sight of the blank page can frighten even the best student. So first, you must choose the topic. Later, you should prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas, and then write your thesis statement. Prepare a sketch of the ideas to develop through the body paragraphs. Writing down titles and subtitles will help you get organized and in control of your production. Don’t worry. Once you acquire the ability, you will find that essay writing is not as difficult as it used to be.

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