Should I get my Dissertation Bound?

Consider investing in a dissertation bound

Dissertation bound
Why should you get your dissertation bound? Think about it. After working on your dissertation for a year or so, after spending time on the dissertation outlines, designing the dissertation content page, doing a lot of research and even losing sleep over the dissertation abstract, it surely feels great holding the final version in your hands! Wouldn’t you like it to look like a book you can put on your bookcase and show your parents with pride?
In fact, in many colleges, after you have finished your thesis or your dissertation, you need to have them bound as part of the requirement for the final qualification. In fact, you want the binding to represent the amount of time and all the effort you have put into this work. It’s not just a document. It’s your dissertation, and it matters –a lot.

How is binding useful?

Of course, if you have your dissertation bound, you will spend some money. However, you should consider this as a long term investment. After submitting your dissertation, you should always keep extra copies for yourself, as well as for your family and sponsors, or even to show prospective employers. In fact, even if you are not thinking about writing a dissertation yet, a binding service may also be a high quality alternative for your submission.
Anyway, there are always several types of binding available to suit any student’s requirements. Consider that, the more pages you have written, more money you’ll spend. At the same time, it is essential to take care of the presentation of such an extended work. Take into account that the binding process may require some days, so you shouldn’t leave it until the last minute.

Before you have your dissertation bound

If you want to save some money, you should look for other students who require the same type of binding as yourself, since most binding companies offer discounts. For that reason, you won’t regret binding an extra copy together with the one you are submitting, since such an extra copy will be much affordable now, than if you order it alone some months from now.
Check with the binding company the format in which you should hand in your dissertation. The best is PDF. And, of course, make sure that you know the right submission criteria for your university! Some of them specify the cover information, as well as the colour and layout.
Finally, few things are more frustrating than receiving your dissertation bound, and realizing there is an ugly typing mistake on page 243… So before you have your dissertation bound, make sure you have it properly edited and proofread. If you need someone to do this job, you can count on us! Here you will find a team of academic writers ready to help you improve your dissertation. Editing and proofreading services are just for people like you: everybody needs to know if their work is as good as it should be.

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  • Andy Vale

    “After working on your dissertation for a year or so…”

    Don’t companies like you exist so that people don’t have to work on their dissertation for a year or so?

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