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How to write an English essay

English essays
If you are looking for information on how to write an English essay, that probably means you have studied English as a foreign language, and you are not too confident on your writing skills. This won’t probably be the case if you had to write an essay in your first language. Or maybe it is just that writing is not your forté. Maybe you are applying for an international university or college on an English speaking country, and you need to hand in an application essay. Whatever the case is, we can -and we will- help you!
We can tell for sure that if your essay is supposed to be written in a foreign language you may multiply the difficulty by two! Besides trying to figure out what to say, you also have to think very carefully how to say it. It doesn’t matter how much time we have been studying the second language: it’s never quite the same. As wearing a borrowed jacket that may fit us well, but still doesn’t feel exactly like our own. But do not worry: here are some tips for helping you in your writing.

How to begin

Forget about translating an essay in your language. If you need to write English essays, you must try thinking in the foreign language. The thing is, the structure of every language is unique and can express ideas unlikely to be translated without being a bit changed. The best you can do if you need to prepare an essay in a language different than your, is forget about translating.
You may probably end up writing shorter and simpler sentences. That doesn’t matter, as long as you express yourself correctly and you demonstrate original thoughts in your own way. Later, you may do an essay revision or editing if you still feel your work could improve.


Every student should carefully proofread they essay. But, when it’s up to writing in English, no one can provide you more valuable help than a native English speaker, someone who can read your English essay and tell you if it is easily readable or full of weird sounding expressions. Another thing you can do is using an online grammar and spell-checker. Relax and try to take it easy. With a little patience and some help you will surely be writing acceptable English essays. After all, no one expects you to become the next George Bernard Shaw.

Do you come with brilliant paper ideas, but then find quite difficult to express yourself in your writings? Do you feel that your English essay is ok, but far from achieving a really good mark? Do you find your paper, once finished, not quite as clear as you thought it would be? Then, hiring an essay checker is the best thing you can do. The proper editing can really improve your final essay marking, highlighting your own ideas at the same time that adding some extra quality to your academic work.

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