How to Write a Thesis as Quickly as Possible

Learn how to write a thesis in five steps

How to write a thesis
You are almost done with your studies: it is time to start thinking about your thesis. How to write a thesis? And, when to write it? Many students agree that the best moment to begin researching is during the summer before their senior year, and then work all year long on the project. We know it sound like a lot! But don’t give up before you start.
Even though a thesis is, of course, much larger in size than anything you have written before, the concept of thesis is quite more complex than its amount of pages. With your thesis, you are actually producing new relevant knowledge within your discipline. However, the writing process is not so different as for a shorter research paper. Here we will tell you how to write a thesis just following some basic steps. Your thesis advisor can provide you some help organizing your timetables.

Step 1: Choose your topic

The thesis is intended to provide students an opportunity to research through a specific area of their field. You should choose an area in which you are particularly interested. Think about it carefully and consider your options. After all, you will spend most of your time the next year working on this project.

Step 2: Research

No one can tell you how to write a thesis and skip this step. Plan your methodology considering that a combination of methods is always advisable. Do the corresponding fieldwork, collecting data from documents, bibliography, experiments, interviews, etc. Keep in mind that you may need to adapt your original plan if things don’t turn out the way you had expected.

Step 3: Come up with a theory

Your thesis is not just one more assignment writing. You have to explain somehow the results of your research, and that is the time when you must come up with a theory that allows you to interpret the data. For that, you must transcribe and organize your data so you can handle it for analysis.

Step 4: Writing

When asked how to write a thesis, many students agree on saying it is easier to prepare their thesis if they write while they are still doing the research. If you did so, good for you! If you did not organize your work that way, now it is time to start writing. While the research alone can take a hole term, another term should be spent in writing. Remember to organize your work by creating a title page, a content page and an abstract.

Step 5: Editing and proofreading

After you are done, go back to the first paragraph and read all the thesis carefully before handing it in. Do all the required editing. Be patient: if you find annoying proofreading a critical essay a couple of times before handing it in, think about correcting for the fourth time a little footnote in page 79 of your thesis and just forgetting what is it all about.

And then, get ready to defend your work. Attending a couple of defenses previously to your own it is highly recommended.

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