Essential Elements of GCSE English Coursework

Speaking and listening are important parts of the GCSE English coursework

Usually the GCSE English coursework has four sections, as speaking and listening form an important section for this course. Therefore, students need preparing themselves to understand the English vocabulary, as they listen and speak English language. In addition, the course contents include written coursework, along with the examination in reading and writing questions.

Accordingly, students should find out from their colleges the allocation scheme for marking, meant for the different sections of the coursework. However, it is advisable to attempt the coursework at the appropriate time, as delaying it would mean loosing touch of the essay topic. For example, if students were required discussing a particular masterpiece of Shakespeare, in their coursework, then they should make a draft of all the points that they have learnt during their coaching classes. Hence, delaying writing their paper would prove to be a costly blunder for them.

Moreover, collecting the necessary information from the sources would be easier while they plan their GCSE English coursework at an early stage. However, writing a single draft would not be sufficient, as students would require doing many revisions, before the presentation of their final coursework. In addition, the tutors expect students to add on their knowledge and English writing skills as they move to higher classes. For example, students writing in their eleventh class would need enhanced skills to write an excellent essay than they would do in their eighth grade. This would include using their innovative and descriptive talents for writing similar essays in higher classes. They could look at dissertation writing, for this purpose.

Nevertheless, the following guidelines would assist students in writing their coursework in a well-organized manner. However, they must also go through an assignment writing to understand the techniques required for presenting a well-defined GCSE English coursework.

  • Listening and speaking

The tutors evaluating the coursework examine these qualities in the students, while they assess their speaking abilities under various circumstances. This would include, students demonstrating their explanatory skills, as they are asked to describe, narrate, discuss, argue or imagine certain event, episode or experience. In addition, students should also know the art of presenting the proper vocabulary for analysis, exposure or reflection of the specific topic. They could go through a coursework help to understand the essential elements, required for writing their paper.

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Similarly, they should be able to differentiate the above properties as they listen to a particular English diction from various speakers. In addition, tutors would require them speaking on different situations and on diverse subjects, to judge their analytical and observatory skills.

  • Interaction with tutors

Yet another important factor, which is going to make a positive difference in preparing their assignment, is to have constant interaction with their tutors. They should remember that even ten minutes of discussions with their professors, will save them from surfing the net for hours, as tutors know the specific points which they must include in their written work.

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