Present a Wonderful Term Paper Cover Page and Impress your Professor

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A term paper cover page is the first page of your paper. It is what makes the first impression, and as we all know first impression is the best impression. It will contain the details about the student, his university and other details about the particular term paper. The format of the cover page varies from one style to another. It is mandatory for all pieces of paper work. Sometimes logos and symbols could be used in your term cover page.

Generally, only two types of font are allowed in a term paper cover page. More than two font styles should not be used because it would steal the paper from its formal look and develop an undesired effect on the reader. The format of the cover paper must be simple devoid of any graphs; pictures etc. If any graphics or colored back ground could be used, prior permission must be availed form your instructor. Professors insist the students to present their term papers only along with a cover page. This page can be presented in two styles, namely, APA and MLA format. The professor or instructor must inform the student well in advance which format he or she must use.

In an MLA format paper, the cover page is very simple with the title, student’s name and details along with the date and location and other details. All the details must be centered. The title must be one third way down the paper and all the other details about the student and the course, which is required by the professor, must be noted down in the last few lines of the cover page. The font must only be Times New Roman and its size must be 12.

In the APA format, term paper cover page must include the page number of the page, which will surely be 1, must be written on the right hand side top corner of the cover page. There must be a title abstract justified in the left hand side parallel to the title. The title itself must be centered in the middle. The author’s name must be right below the title. The font must be Times New Roman or any equivalent with its font size as 11 or 12.

Generally, a cover paper must contain the following details,

1. The student’s name; the name of the student is mandatory.

2. The course’s name; it’s not compulsory, but better if you write it.

3. The semester details; the details of the semester in which it was done.

4. The university name; this is also mandatory.

5. The name of the professor or instructor.

6. Date of submission; this is a compulsory component.

7. Topic; again this is mandatory.

Presenting a term paper cover page is like drawing the first line in a beautiful portrait, if that very line becomes wrong then the whole canvas will go waste. A little help from external sources will make the outcome better than the best. The student with a perfect cover page is sure to be in a favor of his or her professor. A cover paper is not necessary in all cases, but if you are in doubt, it is better to include it.

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