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The Modern Language Style format popularly known as MLA format paper is the most widely used style of paper writing or essay writing. It is used to cite papers within liberal arts and humanities. Actually there are three major systems of citations in a paper namely APA, MLA and Harvard, but among them MLA format is the best known and generally used style. If anyone is confused on what type of citations he/she must use, they could always use this format.

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The first step in writing an MLA format paper is Pagination; this requires you to write your last name and the page number on the top right hand side corner of each paper. This is very essential in writing such a type of paper. The next step is citation, which includes only in page citation. This is done by inserting phrases or captions, but when you are giving the phrases or captions don’t forget to write the author’s last name within parenthesis. If the page number in which the particular quote is available, you could write that along with the author’s name. If it is not available, you may omit it.

It is absolutely necessary to insert a bibliography page, in which you must mention all the sources of the information collected by you for the purpose of the particular paper which you are working on. All the details corresponding to this particular work must be mentioned. If the work of any author is used, then the name of the author, the book in which it was published, the page number, the year of publication and the publication house should be mentioned without fail.

If you want your paper to be exceptionally good then you must know exactly where and when you must use the MLA format. Sometimes, the misuse of any format could leave the wrong impression on your evaluator. Sometimes, the vast number of evaluation essay topics available could confuse you, but do understand the concept before using MLA format. An MLA format paper can be very useful for writing literary papers on books, stories, poetry etc, wherein you could give more information about the author, publication house etc. or at least you could give the information about the author and the book in which it was published. For example, if your quote is, “They also serve who only stand and wait” (Milton) which is a well known line from the poem ‘On His Blindness’ which was published in the book Paradise Lost.

The spacing of the lines and also the margin must also be kept in mind. It must have a 1 inch margin at the top, right, left and bottom. This is compulsory. The spacing before and after must be set at 0 point, but you may change it if you think it is necessary. You must also keep the line spacing as double spacing. The font must be Times New Roman and the font size must be 12. In the first page, you must write your full name, your instructors name and details about your paper in top left hand side corner of your first page. The title and the date must be in the top-centre of the first page.

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If all the above mentioned points are evident in your MLA format paper then you’re sure to score an A+.

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