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There are over eighteen different types of essays. Every type of essay has its own use and specialty. The use of the right kind of essay is easy, when you know and understand what types of essay are used when and where. The eighteen types of essay are discussed in detail below in an alphabetical order. Get a gcse science coursework here to make sure you get good grades

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* Admission essay: It is the type of essay which you write to justify your case, like when you are stating your reasons to choose a particular course or company.

* Argumentative essay: It is the type of essay in which you express your assertion, hypothesis or opinion on any matter you think that other people have less knowledge about.

* Cause and effect essay: It is a type of essay which explains the cause and effect of a situation or an event. It is a common essay which discusses various ideas.

* Classification essay: This essay classifies the details into categories.

* Comparison essay: This essay helps to compare and contrast two or more information or facts. It will discuss the differences and similarities between the information.

* Critical essay: Critical essay is a type of essay in which both positive and negative points of view are discussed in detail about a matter. You have to supply your reasons whether you accept or reject the idea.

* Deductive essay: It is a good way to analyze student’s knowledge about a particular topic. A puzzle can be solved or a person could be understood better from the necessary details given.

* Definition essay: This type of essay gives the exact meaning about a topic. It may be concrete meanings or abstract meanings.

* Descriptive essay: It describes the physical details of the topic matter. It does not relate to any personal experiences.

* Evaluating essay: This type of essay describes an event or happening and discusses its importance in our life or in the society.

* Exploratory essay: The end of this type of essay is not decided, you must leave the essay in its own pace. It is based on inquiry rather than assumptions or arguments.

* Expository essay: This essay reports about any event or situation. It is designed to convey the matter that is complex and difficult in an easy and simple way.

* Informal essay: It is written mainly for enjoyment. It need not contain any rigid format.

* Narrative essay: It gives more opportunity for the writer to use his imagination. Experiences, memories etc could be written in this essay.

* Personal essay: This essay is about who you are to people who you don’t know about. It is personal to a certain extent.

* Persuasive essay: This type of essay persuades the reader to accept that one idea is better than the other idea. It uses logic and reasoning to persuade the reader.

* Research essay: This type of essay deals with thesis. You must remember to select the right thesis topic.

* Scholarship essay: They are very dramatically used to narrate personal experiences.

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Among these types of essays, the most frequently used ones are, descriptive, narrative and argumentative. Knowing these various types of essays could help you become the apple of your professor or instructor’s eye.

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