Your APA Dissertation Explained

How to write good APA dissertations

APA dissertation
You must know by now than an APA dissertation is the work that meets every requirement of the American Psychological Association (APA) citation style. These are not new rules, though. APA written principles have extended to academic works as a standard style. APA citation style is used by writers in various sciences, in education as well as in business. This means you are probably familiarized with APA citation style, because chances are you are already using it in your essay writing tasks.
So if your dissertation advisor has instructed you to follow an APA style in your dissertation, make sure you take notes of the following tips.

The correct format

APA dissertations should follow specific rules regarding to format. While you might think at first these rules are pointless, note that keeping to them will have a huge influence on your approval. You only get one chance to make a first impression: don’t ruin it!
First of all, forget about economizing the pages: APA dissertations should have their text double-spaced, and one inch margins on every page. Besides, you should print the papers on one side only. Other rules are leaving a single space after each punctuation mark and including a title page with the dissertation title, your full name, the course name and number, as well as the name of the dissertation instruction and the date of submission. As for the page number, it appears in the right-hand corner, and it should begin in the title page.

Reference format

APA provides specific rules when it comes to referencing your assignment, and you should strictly respect these rules in your APA dissertation. Every reference should be listed with the title “References” centered at the top. The citations should be arranged in an alphabetical order, but don’t number them. Every single reference in your list should be cited somewhere in the text of your dissertation.
The style of citation you should use is the author-date, for example (Foucault, 1972). Remember it is always better paraphrasing than direct quoting.

What you should remember to include

Every APA dissertation should have certain sections that can’t be missed. For example, an abstract, a brief section which covers the contents of your work and gives readers a general idea of the whole dissertation. You should also include an introduction, in which you establish your hypothesis; a literature review; methodology, results and conclusions.

We know it sounds like a lot of work, and you should give a capital importance to your APA dissertation. It is, after all, the most significant work you will have to do in your whole academic career. If you find yourself lost with the methodology, or with the style, you can always hire our professional services. We do not only provide custom essays and dissertations. We also can edit and proofread your work, in order to fulfill the requirements you need for approval. Our team of writers is ready to assist you with your work.

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