How to Organize a Comparative Essay

Learn a useful and valuable structure for any comparative essay you need to write

In any assignment writing you are asked to do, a proper organization is always a plus. When it comes to writing a comparative essay, a proper arrangement of its sections is fundamental. Why is that? Because, when comparing two, three or more things, each element of the comparison must receive the same importance. So, think back for a second or two and try to remember the last time you were asked to write such an essay: are you comparing well or do you still have a lot to learn?
Do not worry. Next time you will do much better if you apply some of these tips.

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Write an introduction

You may find obvious the reasons you choose for comparing the two –or three, or more- items. But the reader will not necessarily share your opinions. So you want to start your comparison by explaining the purpose of your work: what do Hemingway and Faulkner have in common that made you compare them? Why comparing immigration in Argentina during the first decades of the twentieth century with American immigration process today? What do all global warming theories agree on?
You can’t compare a writing desk with a crow, as Lewis Carroll humorously demonstrated in Alice in Wonderland. So prove from the beggining your whole essay has a point.

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Quote authorities

As in any dissertation writing, you can’t rely on common sense alone. Probably the comparison you are focused in has been done before. Who has written something about it? Check the library, surf the web and read as much as you can. And then, build your comparison with the help of authorities you can quote. Remember to include all the used bibliography at the end of the paper to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

Compare meaningful facts

When you are writing a comparative essay, always focus on important facts and aspects to compare. For example, you can’t compare two authors only because they have the same name, or even because they were born in the same country. Are they contemporaries who belonged to different schools or followed opposite theories? Are you writing about a master and a student? Is there a textual link between their works? Were they both a huge influence on their contemporaries? Choose carefully the data you want to compare, and avoid wasting valuable space on silly little facts.

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One last tip

When writing any kind of essay, you should always prepare a plan before starting to write the final version. Organize your work properly, establishing goals and administrating your time in order to meet deadlines. And, just in case, always remember that any time you need coursework help, advice on how to prepare an essay or help with essay writing, you can find an excellent service, with professional freelance academic writers that can provide you with full quality work. You name it, you get it. Even the most complicated comparative essay.

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