Reach the Stars with Your Astronomy Coursework

Tips for preparing a good astronomy coursework

Astronomy coursework
Worried about preparing your astronomy coursework? There’s no need to panic! Here we will provide you some basic tips that will get you through your assignment writing.
Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. It deals with the study of celestial objects (such as planets, asteroids, galaxies or stars) and phenomena that have their origin outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Your astronomy coursework may comprise many different topics, all linked with the field, such as the movement of the planets, the phases of the Moon, etc. Even though astronomy as a subject doesn’t seem to be very challenging (since it doesn’t occupy a wide scope), it is a complicated study that may involve many different tasks, such as direct observation, drawing, photography, graphics, computational (involving spreadsheets and formulas) or constructional work (for example, designing and making models).

Some possible topics

When preparing your astronomy coursework, the teacher may request a certain topic. However, if it is you who have to choose the topic for the written assignment, make sure you pick something interesting. Spend some time looking through your telescope until you find yourself inspired, or read the latest researches in the field, and establish your topic. For example, a solar eclipse, characteristics of the planets, comet trajectories, constellations, etc.

Keeping a scientific structure

Being astronomy a natural science, remember to maintain a certain structure in your astronomy coursework. As in a scientific essay, you should guide the reader through the subject in an accessible way, step by step and linking new knowledge with previous items. Of course, you need an introduction to set the scene and establish the main topic and hypothesis.


Whether unaided or aided, observation plays a major part in any astronomy coursework. Remember that a basic purpose of the project is to provide students the chance to make some astronomical observations for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a telescope: you may attempt observations using binoculars, telescopes or cameras if you wish, but you can even gain credit for carefully observed drawings involving the naked eye. It is very important to include all the requested observational details, such as location, date, time, weather, details of optical instruments, seeing conditions, etc.

The use of pictures and photographs

Be original when illustrating your coursework with images. Remember it is always better to hand in a sketch which is less than perfect, but made by yourself, than to illustrate your coursework with great photographs you could have downloaded from any random website. Astronomy teachers care about the observations you are able to make and register, and they don’t expect you to become an experimented astronomer working for the NASA after just one semester.

We know that an astronomy coursework can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. If you feel you can’t handle it, remember you can always trust us with your science essays or assignments, and you will find high quality writers ready to provide you with a custom made, 100% original and unique work.

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