How to Improve your Photography Coursework

photography coursework

All of your photography coursework can get better!

If writing is not something simple for you, then today is your lucky day! You have been asked to hand in a photography coursework. It is a series or set of photographs which answer to a given topic. Photography coursework sometimes need to follow certain directives respecting the light, the type of camera, the frame, etc.
But a photo coursework is not simpler than assignment writing, because it also requires a lot of hard work, imagination and thought from the photographer. Because, even when a picture is worth a thousand words, it is not easy finding the right one that express everything you mean. Are you ready to try?

Possible perspective ideas

Has your teacher asked you to follow certain directions? Here you are a few suggestions. For example, if your photographs must be framed by something, you may use a door, a window, a book, tree branches, etc. You can frame most subjects with various things. Choosing an unusual viewpoint is quite more challenging: why not taking a photograph through an empty glass, or under a crystal plate? Close ups and light and shade are popular perspectives that allow you to play with your camera and its effects.

Some topic ideas

Sometimes is the teacher who provides the topic, other times finding the right topic is part of your coursework. If such is your case, here we have a few tips. Topic ideas for photography include feelings –sadness, love, etc.- as well as abstract concepts –such as freedom, identity, etc.-. In both cases it is up to your imagination to figure out the best way to catch the concept in images.
Always remember that the best way you can connect with the audience through your photography coursework is by drawing out emotions and using them as a connection point between the photographs and the viewer’s feelings. The hardest thing is to evoke in the viewer the same emotion you feel, since emotions are very personal.

Before taking your first picture…

Remember that some shots may be quite difficult to get and that certain situations require permissions to use a camera. Don’t be afraid to explain to people in charge that you are a photography student. Another piece of advice is to previously sketch the shot you are trying to achieve. Then, you will have an idea when you actually get to the subject.

Different works depending on the support

The photography coursework you may produce will be different to others according to its physical support. While some photography coursework can be handed in already printed in a certain size, you may also organize your coursework especially for a slide show, to be delivered on a DVD or on a web site, and in such case you may also need to choose the music or sounds as well as any spoken text it could appear.

One last piece of advice: take lots and lots of pictures, so you have more chances to pick the best ones for your coursework. This is also valid for a photography essay.

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