Tips for Your Thesis Writing

Your thesis writing is not impossible!

Thesis writing
All through your academic career you have prepared for your thesis writing. You already know that writing a thesis (or a dissertation) is the most important work you will have to deal. And yet, most students don’t know where to start! Don’t panic: every graduate has gone through that same feeling, and has eventually managed to success, and so will you. When preparing your thesis, there are many things to consider. Here we can provide you some basic tips for preparing yours.

Thesis Tip #1: Speak to your tutor

Before you jump into your thesis, have a nice, long talk with your tutor or thesis supervisor, who will probably make some valuable suggestions based on your abilities and your personality. He will guide you into establishing a thesis plan, which you will later follow step by step. Ask him as many questions as you need, soon you will gain enough confidence, and you won’t find the thesis so scary.

Thesis Tip #2: Choose the right topic

You will spend a lot of time working on your thesis. That is why it is so important to choose an attractive topic. Think about this: if you ever picked a bad essay topic, all you had to deal with were a couple of weeks researching boring stuff. However, you can spend a year or so preparing your thesis, so an unfortunate choice of topic could turn your research into a real nightmare. Last but not least, if you find the thesis writing boring, reading the thesis will be boring for readers. That is, your teachers and professors. You definitely don’t want that.

Thesis Tip #3: Prepare an outline

The thesis or dissertation outline is one of the first things you need to do, and that is because your final work should be clear and organized. The thesis outline is a plan which helps to connect the items of the thesis in a logical way. The outline is aimed to define the main issues to which an explanation should be provided during the thesis writing. The outline structure will help you organize your work and make it reasonable. What should an outline include in order to be interesting and useful? First of all, you must include the thesis topic and your main statement. It should also comprise the references and the literary review. It is a good idea to divide the outline into chapters, as you will do with your complete thesis. This will organize and thus, simplify your work later. And don’t forget to close the outline with a conclusion.

Thesis Tip #4: Take your time… but not too much!

Although a thesis writing is a long, hard work, it shouldn’t take more than a year. While the research alone can take a whole term, another term should be spent in writing. Reserve an extra term for editing and proofreading, since these things take a lot more time for a thesis than for essays. You can do it even faster if you organize your work properly!

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