Personal essay- Time To Discover Yourself!

What do you think about yourself?

Writing an original piece of essay about yourself could be the most interesting thing is this world for you -or rather, the most annoying- depending on the circumstances! While other types of essays deal with what you think about a particular subject or an issue, a personal essay deals with what you think about yourself. While writing about something else, you need to justify your conclusions and thoughts, whereas in a purely personal essay, all you have to do is let loose your creativity and show yourself to the world! Here, it’s you that matters.

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You may be required write such an essay when you wish to get into a good educational institution, to get a good job and the like. It is the statement that you make about yourself, which will ultimately show who you are to a pack of strangers. But, do not, for the sake of impressing people, manufacture a whole new personality that is not you! That is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself! It’s like digging up your own grave! Be very honest and let people know who you truly are. You can use quoted speech, quotations and the like to develop a good essay writing skill, but do not muddle up your essay with too many of those and confuse the readers. The following are certain general tips that can help you write a good personal essay.

  • • First, take some time off to think about yourself- who you are, what your positive and negative qualities are, what your interests and aspirations are.
  • • In case you are writing an essay for your application, try and be clear about why you chose that particular field, what career opportunities do you think you have if you enter this field, what your interests are for this particular area.
  • • Put yourself in the readers’ shoes (or rather, their head!) and try to find out what their expectations would be.  Works related to psychology, for instance, psychology essays may help you read minds!
  • • Give a good and a different start. Do not begin with the same old “I have always dreamt of doing…” and bore the readers! Begin with a paragraph on some experience that led you to take up that particular course or something else that is interesting.
  • • Think out of the box. Try to write something that will show that you are different from the others. Try to guess what the other applicants might have written and show the readers what sets you apart from the others.
  • • As stated earlier, be very honest when you write about yourself because masking your true self is not going to help anyone, let alone impress the evaluating committee!
  • • Ensure that your language is devoid of spelling, punctuation and other grammatical errors. Be sure of what you write.
  • • Be concise and specific. Do not make the essay monotonous.
  • • Prepare a rough draft of the essay and show it to the others- your family and friends – and get their feedback. Try and edit the essay wherever necessary.
  • These are some of what we call an essay writing tip that you can follow while writing a personal essay. Well, it is not necessary that you have to follow all of these- after all you are going to write about what you think is right- so do exactly that! We provide you with great proposal essay ideas

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